Thursday, May 23, 2013


Mark did not want anyone over for the opening of our call. Little by little I worked on him and got a few friends like the Harrisons, Gwen Rogers and Susan Duffin, Bishop Kerr, Bishop McAllister, our home teacher Brett and Terri Curtis and Pres. and Sister Ostler and Leigh Root PLUS our kids and grandkids to come over for the opening. It was awesome. The funny part is when we got our call we while at the temple. Brian, our son took a photo of the envelop and messaged it to us and all the kids and put it on facebook. When we got out at 4 PM the phone started ringing. Every kid wanted to know if there was going to be food. Really? Food? When would we have time to cook. LOL. Everyone arrived by six and Mark read the call out loud because I would have cried if I had read it. We could not be more happy then we are at this time to know we were going to the England Leeds Mission on August 5th. We feel so blessed.

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  1. Congtulations on your call.My daughter is serving in the England Leeds mission. Good luck with your preparations and give Sister Burningham a huge hug for me when you see her.