Saturday, November 30, 2013


 This is what happens when you give your camera to a missionary to take pictures. 
 Back row: Elders and Sisters Gebhardt, Smith, Gibb, Iverson and Wilson
Two row: Brinkerhoff, Johansson, Marsh and Allen (short ones in front)
We were so excited when the AP's showed up at our Couples gathering. Elder Goodwin is our newest AP. He use to be our zone leader down in Sheffield. Elder Mosley is from our stake in Mesa. So they are very special to us. We had to take their photos.

 Half of us jumped while other didn't get the message. I love these kind of photos.

The Marsh's know our friend Bruce and Tamera Frances from Mesa. Another small world moment. 


My great-grandmother Anne Elizabeth Monk was born in Horsforth. I do a lot of family history and found the census for when they lived here in the 1800's. This is Bachelor Row where they lived. The house is gone but perhaps this home maybe much like what it was like when they lived here. I can only image what it was like to live here. I am so happy to feel of their spirit. 

Friday, November 29, 2013


Tonight we had some amazing meetings in Firth Park. We stopped at a little shop for dinner. For a pound we each got a two piece chicken dinner (I hope it was chicken) and chips (french fires). You just can not beat the price. The owner knows who we are. He said he would feed people for free on Christmas Day. He is not a Christian but is closed for Christmas. He said he would open to help people. People are all so good and love to help others. 


This week we have been helping the elders in Sheffield 2 move to their new flat. We just had to take a lunch break. Elder Hillock had not been to McDonald's since he had been in England so we had to fix that. Elder Van Alfen enjoyed it too. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Elder Krylborn replaced Elder Vickery who went home. As one leaves another files your heart. He is from Sweden and just had a birthday. This is the candy he shared with us. He also likes to hunt which pleases Elder Allen. We like him already. Great things are going to happen here in Sheffield.


This is not all of them but most of them on video fun to talk to family on Thanksgiving... I can't wait for Christmas so we can talk to our own Sister Allen in the St George Mission.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We were able to see Elder Vickery off one more time. I think he is ready to go home. He worked to the very end. Have a safe trip home. Now let's get to work elders.

Monday, November 25, 2013


 Look what Elder Allen found in City Centre in Sheffield.
 Walking the streets in Sheffield
 The open market
We asked the sisters to show us around City Centre. They took us to the open market. I love these kind of places. I had to show off my new hat.


Our district Sisteres Hedstom, Staheli, Allen Elders Allen, Sindylek and Brown. Not pictured Elder Juran and Vickery. They were making lunch 

Elder Sindylek making a Slovak Lunch. 
Elder Vickery goes home this transfer. He is giving us our last instructions before lunch. A true missionary to the end. He will be home for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Member are always treating us to dinner. We thought we would give back and invite the Grant family to dinner. We had American Tacos with corn chips and salsa. It was great getting to know them better. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Miroslav has been in England for two months now. Having arrived from Slovakia and settling in with a good friend, he quickly referred to the missionaries. Miroslav was very interested in the gospel message and progressed rapidly due to how quickly he understood. His testimony grew along with his interest and he stayed positive even through there was opposition. His wife and three children are happy with the changes in him. Miroslav used to like a little drink periodically, but stopped immediately after hearing the Word of Wisdom lesson. He now spends his extra drinking money on the children instead. This new convert will be a great member adding strength

to the Slovaikia Branch, says the Elders.


 The drive to Rufford Abbey Country Park was breath taking. We drove through Sherwood Forest.

Rufford Abbey Country Park is the estate and grounds of a former 12 century Cistercian Monastery and country house. It broader Sherwood Forest area.

 This is what it looked like back in 1905. It is to bad it does not look like this today. 

 Inside the lower level of the abbey.
 Here is some history about Rufford Abbey and closing of the abbey by King Henry VIII.

 I thought our schedule was tough but this surely beat it. 

In the outdoor market I bought a scarf and hat from Sue Allen. We had a good laugh about our names. 
This new hat and scarf will keep me warm for sure.