Thursday, January 30, 2014


A lollipop lady is a person who stops traffic by holding up a circular sign on a pole to allow children to cross a road safely. Rain or shine they are out there keeping the kids safe. We call them crossing guards at home in the states.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


What a mess we get ourselves into. Long story short we had given a member a sofa that we thought belong to the mission. We had moved some Elders out of a flat and were told to remove all the furniture. Everything in the flat we removed, trashed it or gave it away, like this sofa.  A month later we had to ask for everything back. How were we going to do this? The sofa when to a recent convert and we just did not want any problems. So I prayed about what to do. I looked at some website to look for a few sofa. One came up and I asked if we could come pick it up. YES! So on Wednesday the AP's and Elder Iverson came down from Leeds with the van. We went and picked up this very lovely pink sofa and two chairs. I think the members were a little disappointed at first when we showed up to take away their old sofa, but once we showed them what we had gotten them, they were very happy. It is funny sometimes how the Lord works in our lives. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014


We are getting the food ready for the wedding. A Slovakian meal is open face sandwiches with butter, meat, and veggies with cheese on top. They also have sausage and bread. Potato salad and a fried meat much like chicken fried steak. Then there is cake for dessert. 
The Czech and Slovenians make this amazing potatoes salad. It has peas, carrots and ham in it. Elder Sindylek loves it. You can tell by the look on his face that he love it. Today the sister were making it for the wedding and he is so happy. He put it on bread and just ate it. Yummy!

 He told me in broken English "These shoes cost to much."

 They have waited 7 months to finally say "I do." It is a happy day for the whole family. 
 Cutting the cake

Friday, January 24, 2014


Tibor is one of those eternal investigators that finally decided to get baptized.  
This Elder DeShazer wanted his photo taken with a former missionary Joe McKay. Joe taught Tibor when he served here on his mission. He is from Scotland and came all the down for this baptism. 


Sheffield 2 Ward Elder Hillock, Elder Van Alfon, Elder Rogers and Elder White
Sister Howard and Sister Beesley
Elder Hoxha from Albania

Elder Hoxha and Elder Mullen
Elder Donalson and Elder Lee
Sister Golemi and Sister Stromerg
Elder Kiikko and Elder Funk

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We found this wig at Sheffield 1 Ward and everyone was trying it on. What do you think?


Our Zone Training was about Finding.
We are here to save all mankind. Smile at people and they will all smile back at you. It is like a chain reaction.. Your need to love the members with expecting nothing in return.  Be sincere. Slowing people down is a means to an end. We are looking for out comes. Lots of missionaries come looking not finding. Like when you lose your keys. You need to find your keys not look for your keys. There is a difference. We have to be doing everything all the time.
Finding can be fearful. We need to not fear but have Fun. Fear is from the devil. Tell where you are from in a catchy way. I am from the Grand Canyon State of Arizona in the Southwestern part of the US. Slow the people down with a clever opening about were you are from.
Can you help me?
Compliment. That is a great message.
 I am looking for someone.
 Why- are you doing it?
 Where - are you going?
 Who - are we looking for?
 What - are we going to say?
 When - are we going to do it.
 Spin more that more then one plate at a time. You can do it if you plan.

After lunch the missionaries came in with birthday cake. I was so surprises and wanted to cry because they were all so thoughtful. Elder Allen said "Don't cry Sister Allen." He knows me so well. I held it in and just smiled. I love them all so much for thinking of me. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It is wedding week for Fero and Anna. They have waited eights months for their passport to arrive so they could get married. Happy days, it is finally going to happen. But first Fero needs a suit and we were ready to help. I made the mistake and asked the Clerk (you pronounced Clark) in this store about the right kind of pants for Fero. He gave me a weird look. Pants are underwear here. I meant to say trousers. My mistake. 
 Elder Allen and Elder Brown checking out the store. 
 We had to stop for lunch at a chipper. Elder Allen and I got fish and the Elders got Kebabs.
 The store manager was so kind to us and gave us extra portions. 

 They ate the whole thing.
Kebab (also called Kebap, Kabab and Kabob) is a dish of pieces of meat, fish or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit. It originates in the Eastern Mediterranean. Many of them are called Doner Kebab. The traditional mean is lamb. The English put chips (aka french fries) in the bottom with salad (aka lettuce) on top covered with meat. Elder Sindylek loves them as do most Elders. Elder Brown not so much but he did eat it all.  


 Thinking about turning 60! How did this happen? We'll I guess it could be worse.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I love this fine lady so much. She brightens my day with joy and peace. It years to come as she grows in the gospel she will truly bless the church here in Sheffield 4.  
Alsbetta came from Slovakia after her husband was baptized in the fall. The Elder began teaching their family when she arrived. The Book of Mormon made the greatest difference for Alsbetta. After she started reading it regularly, there was a lot of changes in her. She began to have some real intent. After that, things went really well and she found a lot of love for the Book of Mormon and received the answer it was true. Her desire to be baptized came from the support of the Branch President's wife, who was going to her home and encouraging her to read from the Book of Mormon. This really motivated her a lot. She over came coffee. Each day she would decrease the amount of coffee she drank. We had the idea to switch out coffee for something else. Ovaltine did the trick. She made the switch and doesn't drink coffee anymore. Alsbetta's son also got baptized. The most wonderful part was her husband was able to be the one to baptize them. You could really feel the spirit at their baptism. They are a great family.


Saltaire Village is near Branford in West Yorkshire, England. It was named after Titus Salt who built a textile mill and village on the River Aire. In December 2001, Saltaire was designed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a monument to the people who lived here. The Wilson's and us spent the afternoon here. It was a massive place. 

 Sister Wilson and myself at the bookstore in Saltaire.
 Looking out a window in the factory. 
 Workers leaving the Salts Mill -early 1950s

David Hockney 25 Trees and other Pictures were on display. He documented the East Yorkshire landscape in great detail. This display was 27-foot long pictures of Bessingby Road in Bridlington. The photo was of the same street at different times of the year. 
 Inside the walking store they had a giant backpack. Try using it Elder Allen and Elder Wilson?
 Giant chair near the antique centre. 
Do you remember these? This was before cassette tapes and CD or SD card.