Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sister Nettleship was out of town so I had to do Primary today at Sheffield 4th branch. This week we get two new missionaries for the Slovack Branch. We sure need them to help teach these wonderful saints. Left to right: DeShazer, Juran, Sindylek, Goodwin, Elder and Sister Allen, Brendtsen, Beesley.
After our meetings we had refreshments were everyone brought treats. It is good to say good-bye to Don Valley. The Source is going to be a lot better place where the saints can grow.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


This is what happens when members fellowship their friends. It was awesome to have Niki join the church. Her husband will get baptised in two weeks.



We met the Hester's for lunch near the temple. They are like my family here in the UK because we hae known them for over 20 years. The lunch was good and desert was even better.

 David with Simon, his son and the kiddo.
Eileen with her oldest grandson 
 Eileen and David Hester. I love these friends.
 I am sorry this picture did not turn out very well but I still love these women,
Laura, Eileen, Me and Leanne
 Mark, Simon, David and Martin with their grandkids
 Leanne and her daughter 
The Hester's honored us with flowers and lunch for our anniversary. They are so sweet to remember us. Happy 35th anniversary!


We drove around Preston trying to find where the early church history sites where. After a phone call to Sister Wilson we were able to find the River Ripple and a marker. Next time I will plan better.

 The River Ripple and the park near by

Look at the metal that the tree grew around. Like the tree sometimes we need to adapt to things life throws at us and move on.


At breakfast this man kept staring at my name tag. It was almost embarrassing how much he was staring. Finally we started talking to each other. He was not a member of our church but we are connected through our love of Family History. I love these connections and wearing this name tag.

Friday, September 27, 2013


I had been looking forward to this day for weeks. We got permission to go to the temple for our anniversary. Preston Temple is just over two hours from Sheffield. I got excited as I saw the Chorley and Preston sign because I knew we were getting close.

When we got to the temple we did not think we would know anyone there. We had to wait for the 12:30 session so we had lunch in the cafeteria. Here is where we ran into people from Sheffield 1st ward. I love finding another connection.

We checked into the Marriott  Hotel in Preston. I think I died and went to heaven. After sleeping in a double bed for two months it was so nice to sleep in an American King size bed. Breakfast the next morning was wonderful. They had a great buffet with eggs, cheese, rolls, potatoes, cereal and lots of juice. We truly felt like a king and a queen if only for a day. It was a great anniversary.

 They brought us choclate cover strawberries to our room. Man they were good.

 It was sad to leave because we had a great time relaxing here at the Marriott. Maybe we can do it again before we go home.

Friday, September 20, 2013


We met at the Pilkington's home with all the couple missionaries in our mission. It was the first time we had ever been together. President talked and gave us good advice. We sure love him and Sister Pilkington and had a great time getting to know them. He told us what he expected out of us and we talked about our concerns. We are to build the missionaries and members in our area. I like the way he thinks. Sister Pilkington feed us a great English meal and we sang "Happy Birthday."
Someone had a birthday.  
Someone got a package from their favorite missionary.  
Someone got a T-shirt from the Junction in St. George
Photo of the missionaries: Left to Right Wilson's, Wilson's, Johansson's, Gibb's, Gebhardt's, Jeppsen's, Pilkington's, Brinkerhoff's and Allen's
 Visiting Harewood House
Love visiting with each other.

They say Prince Charles what here two weeks ago. Sorry he missed us.

 Dressing up English style.
Afterward Elder Allen and I went with the Wilson's to St. James Woodside Cemetery in Horsforth to get photo's of headstones.

This is the very door my great-grandmother went through when she went to church. So lucky to be here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We had district meeting today and we practise teaching. They were easy on us the first few weeks we were her and did not pick on us. Now we join in and give it a try. The missionaries are always kind to us and say we do a good job. It is just tell people what we know to be true.
 Teaching the plan of salvation to a sweet family.
 We had an extra microwave so we gave it away.
We showed this family how to make rice crispy treats. It is something American that I wanted to share with the Slovaks

 Rocky Mountain Marshmallows we found at Costco.

This was a busy day working with the Elders. I was dead dog tired when we got home but it was so worth it.