Saturday, August 31, 2013




Their potato salad is amazing. It has ham, carrot and peas mixed in with all the other good stuff we add to our potato salad. The chicken is like a breaded or chicken fried steak. This family feed us very well. Most of the time the women do not eat with us. They have eaten before hand. This meal cost this family a lot of money. We are honored to eat with them

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elder Phillip Weilzal

Elder Phillip Weilzal is from Germany. He goes home next week and has been President Pilkington's right hand man. Elder Weilza; is a little older then most missionaries. He did his studies before he come on his mission. Germany will be blessed on his return.






Elder Cole Mosley is from our stake back home in Mesa.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Sheffield Elders asks us to to spend the day with them. It was awesome to go visit members and non-members alike. We were off to Firth Park. The Elders told us it was not safe to leave anything in the car like purses and iPads. I told them the only time I ever had anything taken or stolen from my car was at church.

Firth Park is not really a park but the name of the area. These non-member Michal and Monika invited us in for a lesson. We talked about the Savior and our relationship with him. The spirit was strong and we challenged them to read the scriptures. Next week we plan to come back and visit with them.

Next we walked the streets of Firth Park talking to people along the way. Elder Allen talk to this 11 year old black boy named Sullivan. He is from the Ivory Coast. After a few minutes he asked us to come visit with his mother about the church. She was a little surprised when all four of us came to visit her so she did not let us in. She did say we could come back another time to visit her. Elder Sindylek said we would give their names to other missionaries that speak only English.

From there was walked about a half a mile to visit another family. There were three women Christina, Erica and Erica and lots of kids. Some of the teenagers I remember being at the baptism last week for Vanessa. Christina has eight children and her husband is still in Slovakia. She asked us to pray for him that he might make it to England. It is hard for them to take care of their family with little or no money. I bore my testimony about being a good mother and following the Savior. We were communicating spirit to spirit. I could feel the love of our Savior for these women. He knows and loves them. I had all of us women in tears because we could feel the spirit so strong. We will go back and teach them again.

The Elders had us go visit Vanessa and her family. She is leaving tomorrow on a bus with her father to go back to the Czech Republic. It will be hard for her to stay faithful to the church when she leaves because there is no LDS church near her home there. She promised to keep reading the scriptures and praying. They Lord will bless her for that.
We ended the day by stopping by McDonald's and feed the elders. Of course, Elder Simon will not eat hamburgers. He said he use to work there and will never eat another hamburger again. Does he know something I don't no? Eating at McDonalds for me is a little piece of home.



Monday, August 26, 2013


I work with her in the Slovak Branch. She runs the primary.


Mark and Greg served in the same mission back in 1976. Now we work with him in the Slovak Branch. This photo was taken at a stake picnic. It was a lovely day.

Saturday, August 24, 2013




































Today we went to Chatsworth, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England with the couples Gibbs, Wilson's and Brinckerhoffs. We met at our flat about 10 o'clock. The Gibb's are from Orem. She taught dance at BYU and her husband owned a car dealerships over there years. The Wilson's are from Mesa. Our daughters Natalie Wilson Hatch and Bobbi Allen Randall are best friends. Now we are becoming best friends. The Brinckerhoff's are from Utah. They knew President Lindley before they came on their mission. This is their second marriage and they have nine kids between them. All of them are wonderful couples.

Chatsworth is where they filmed pride and prejudice with Kara Knightly. I was wishing my girls could have been with me as they would've loved it. It was raining when we got here so we all took our umbrellas except Elder Allen. "Real men don't need umbrellas" he said. Yes look at him now.

We walked through Chatsworth as they played loving music just like in the movie. When we got through it had stopped raining. It was a lovely afternoon after the rain to walk through the gardens. We ate our lunch in the car because all the seats outside were wet. While sitting there these girls came by that were LDS. The place is full of people and we have to park right next to a Mormon. Small world.

We had Vanessa baptism to go to and we got home just in time. She had some problems getting permission from her mother to be able to get baptized but it all worked out. Miracles do happen.






Wilson, Gibb, Brinkerhoff and Allen

Friday, August 23, 2013


Friday Elder Allen had to take his driving lesson. He was not looking forward to it. He hates being put on the spot. "Driving by John" was the service we used. The mission requires you have two lesson to help you know the rules of the road here in England. After one year you have to get your license to drive but because we will only be here for one year, all that is required is two lessons. John the instructor was a pleasant man and Elder Allen got along with him really well. When the lesson was over John said Elder Allen was an excellent driver. If we were to stay here longer than a year he could pass his test with flying colors.

The sisters had set up an appointment with Ricky and his mom for 4:00 PM. Ricky is 18 and has been a member for awhile. His father has been a member for 4 years but his wife and daughter are not. The purpose of our meeting was to teach the mom, daughter and strengthen Ricky. The father knows the church is true but for some reason his feeling got hurt and he does not want to come to church.

Ricky had questions about Joseph Smith. Many people do even if they are members or not. This gave us a chance to bear our testimonies about Joseph Smith. Prophets have always been on the earth to guide and warn people when they were willing to listen to them. Prophets were killed and taken from the earth when people were wicked. When Joseph Smith was born the religious climate was right for the Lord to restore his church to the earth again. He was just the instrument the Lord needed. God has not left us alone. I think with this message we gave Ricky a lot to think about. We invited him to church on Sunday and I hope he comes.

Finally we have Internet today. It was nice to come home and communicate with people at home and check on our accounts. Senior missions are different then missions for young people. We don't have the same rules. As Elder Allen says "there are no rules". Well some rules but not many.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Zone training was today in Sheffield 3 building. It was the first time we got to meet President Pilkington. I loved the man from the moment I met him. I had been praying for some issues I needed addressed. Without even saying a word he knew actually knew how I felt. Amazing how that works. He started out talking about a common friend in my home ward named Dawn Jarvis. He knew her when she first joined the church when she was 14. After talking with him a bit we found he also knew David Hester Jr. It is a small world in the church. He is an Englishmen from Manchester named Pilkington. He has lived there all his life. Moving to Leeds was a big change him but feels very blessed to be serving in England where he knows how English people think. He is perfect for this mission.

After the training we had lunch. The Elder forgot to tell us to bring a lunch. We could survive a day without lunch, right? I found it interesting with the new rules for missionaries that have come about because of the age change. Elders and sister cannot sit at the same table as elders. They can never be alone together which means even standing at the same serving table together. There is no socializing going on at ALL! This is the mission field not a dating service. These missionaries are very obedient.

That night we made all the missionaries in our district tacos. It was a little bit of home for all of us.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013










Tuesday we met the Don Valley elder at their flat about 1:45 to take them to some appointments. Elder Sindylek is from the Czech Republic and Elder Simon is from Romania. The first house we went to was a woman that had six kids, one girl and five boy all under the age of EIGHT. She is only 24 years old. Her and her husband have only been here in England for a month. The church was able to help them with what they needed for their family when they got here. I remember her kids from primary on Sunday. We were sitting in this little living room and the kids were everywhere. It was hard to teach the lesson but I think she felt the spirit. They plan to get baptized as soon as they get married. That seems to be common all over the world.

Our next stop was to a a young couple with a baby. They are Catholic and her mother was there visiting with them. They thought I was very young. I honored them with their sweet comments. We showed a movie about Christ and right in the middle of it the woman starts nursing her baby, breast and all. The elder never commented or missed a beat. The spirit was sweet and testimonies were given.

It was dinner time and the elders said "We are going to a BBQ at a members house but first we have to have to go buy the stuff for the BBQ." Even when these foreign elders speak English we don't understand them. It is like the blind leading the blind. What they needed was charcoal for the BBQ. Elder Allen took care of that.

The BBQ was at the home of Roman and Daniela home. They have been members for four months. She works in the Relief Society as first counselor. We go to the backyard where the elders make this make shift BBQ out of brick. It takes awhile but they finally get the BBQ going. The family brings out chicken and pork chops to cook on our make shift grill. Some falls on the ground. No worries! it will cook off Elder Allen said. Veggies and bread is served along with juice to drink. They brought also water to drink. Many Europeans like soda water. I took some not knowing what it was. I had to be nice and drink it. Their family is so sweet. They did not eat much and we asked why? They ate before we came. This meal had to cost them a lot of money. I feel honored to have been with them.

We returned to the home of Marian and Lucia Tomko. We had visited with them on Sunday night with the sisters. I guess the sisters and elders visit all the members all the time. We were able to share some stories with them about our life. The spirit told me to share the story about Mark's dad. At about age 12 Glenn was not going to church. His home teacher came by every Sunday inviting him to go to church with him. Every Sunday Glenn turned him down. Finally after weeks of coming to his house the home teacher said "Glenn, come with me once and I will never bother you again." Glenn agreed to go. When he went to church he felt the spirit. That is all it took. I shared this with the Tomko hoping it would help the come back to church. We shall see. There are many people like the Tomko here.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


When to church today at Don Valley Sports Center. When we got the sports center there was a sports event going on. Way off in the distant we saw the Elders walking with some little kids, so we followed them. What happened was there was a mix up in schedule and the Sports Center double booked the room so our group got kicked out. Church started about 15 minutes late. I went to primary and Mark went off with the men. The children were wonderful. They sang, drew pictures and listen to Sister Brenda Nettelship. A couple of kids tried to escape but we were able to bring them back. It was lots of fun. After primary we went into Sacrament meeting. Mark and I had to bear our testimonies. I was a mess with tears. Maybe I was a little homesick but I really think it was the spirit. These people are so young in the gospel and I can see they need us as much as we need them. I can see the future in their children's eyes. They are wonderful. They are good people and are going to be great leaders in church in years to come.

In the evening the sisters took us to a few appointments. One was to a youth in the branch named Vladimer Ziga. They call him Lad. He is 14 years old boy and loves the missionaries. His mother is Catholic but let's the missionaries come to their house. His brother Michael and sister Andrea are members also. They have been members for a year and one half. (that's how they say it here). Michael loves to play futbol on Sunday and misses a lot of church. Andrea, is six months pregnant. Her boyfriend is interested in the church but they need to get married before he can get baptized. Money is always an issue. The sisters taught them a lesson about listening to good music and dancing. They sang a few songs and used rhythm with cups. It was really fun. Lad needs these good influences in his life.

Next we went to another inactive members home and had a good visit with them. We made an appointment to come back and see them on Wednesday. All and all it was a good day.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Stanislav came to England with three of his children; he was a member referral from the Elder's Quorum President. It happened that they knew each other previously and were already good friends; this dedicated member was also isntrumental in inroducing Staislav and his family to the church. It began with the lessons at the members home. Then came the invitation to attend church. The family liked what they heard and found there, and when Stanislav was away for a week on a work assignment, the children came on their own. Stanislav was aware that his wife knew somewhat about Christianity from attending a church in Slovakia, and he wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ, too. He began reading from the Book of Mormon and progressed rapidly, and has given up a smoking habit. Now that his wife and children haveseen the great changes in their father, they are convinced of the goodness of the Gospel and are seeking baptism, as well.


My 2nd great grandparents lived in Horsforth and are buired at St. James Woodside Chapel.

This was our first P-day

Our pictures on the wall in the mission office.
Sister Allen and Sister Wilson are both from Mesa. Our daughters are best friends and we are.

These people that their job way to serious.  

We asked the Zone Leaders what day is p-day for us? They said we could pick our p-day so we picked Saturday this week. The Wilson's are the office couple from Mesa. Our daughter Bobbi and their daughter  Natalie were  best friends in high school. The Wilson's invited us to go to Shipton Castle with them. Shipton is about an hour past where the Wilson's live. It took us  an hour and a half to get to Horforth where they live and the mission office is also.  Horsforth is where Anna Elizabeth Monk was born, my great grandmother. They took us to St James Woodside Chapel where the Monk's, Law's and Lobley's are buried. I had been here once before and plan to come again. We saw many grave stones with their names on them. So exciting for me.

When we got to Shipton we parked and went to the castle. It was well preserved and well maintained. A family named the Clifford's were the Lords who owned this castle. The time period of this castle was the 12th century. One gentlemen spent a lot of time with Mark and David talking about the warriors and life in the castle. We went to a fashion show where they talkies about the clothing of the period. We had lunch and started for home about 4.

We got back to Sheffield just in time for another baptism of a Slovak man We got to met more people and rub shoulders with the saints. We formally  met Brenda and Greg Nettleship. Greg was in the same  mission as Mark.  We look forward to tomorrow because it is church day. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

We went to our first baptism tonight. Jessica had been raised in the church and baptized at age eight but her family became inactive. As a young adult she found the church and wanted to come back to it. The missionaries looked for her membership but it was never found. She desired to get re-baptized so her friend could see her baptized and it would be a good missionary tool. She got great support from family and her friends. 

We met a girl who just got called to serve in the Mesa Arizona mission. She reports to Provo in November. Her name is Sister Alice Maynard. She will still be on her mission when we get home. We talked for along time. What a special girl. 

After the meeting was over we took some missionaries back to their flat because they don't have a car. They live in Sheffield city center about six miles away. One is Elder Nathan  Kearney from a place near Cork,  Ireland and the other is Elder Trey Thygerson from Grand Junction, Colorado. Mark's ancestors come from there. Another small world. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today we walked all around the Lake. It was overcast but seemed warmer then the day before. We came home got ready and did some companion study. Roger came by again to work on the toilet. We took off to Costco to have a little bit of home. For a minute you would have thought we were back in Mesa. Everything seemed the same as it is back home. We only had 90 lbs worth of stuff so we had to watch what we bought and not go over. When we got home Roger was gone looking for parts or something for the toilet. We fixed lunch and then got a call from the Zone leaders inviting us to a meeting with them at 3:30. Yes! So excited to help. It was for a Czech family who wanted their granddaughter to be baptized.

We arrived just about 3:20 and waited for the Elders. When they got there Elder Juran had to translate everything for us. It was hard but you could feel their sweet spirit. The lesson was about the plan of salvation. Elder Juran asked me to say something about how I felt. I told them about my parents and how their first son died. They wanted answers and the church gave them answers through the plan of salvation. It was nice to bear my testimony. We told the they were pioneers in the gospel. Good things were going to happen because of their faith.

That night we had correlation meeting at the Branch Presidents home. Finally we got to meet President Fero and his wife Adriana Dunko. They are so nice. We told our story and they told us theirs. All the missionaries showed up for our meeting and we learned a lot about what is going on in the branch. Their are two baptisms this weekend. One on Friday and one on Saturday. Things are starting to happen.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The alarm went off at 7:00 AM and today is Summer's 21st birthday. We had a good nights sleep and started our day with a walk around a lake. The lake is a half a mile from our flat. It has cable ski lines for water skiing and camping. You don't even need a boat to pull you around. I found it all interesting and unique.

I always walk and really never run. Mark and I were planning out our day as we walked. Trying to figure out the best steps to take first. About 8:00 the phone rang and it was the zone leaders asking us to come to district meeting at 9:30 AM. Really? Now we had to finish our walk with a run back to the flat. It is a good thing I used the flat iron before I started our walk so I did not have to do my hair again. We hurriedly ran back, dressed and ate 1/2 a muffin before the zone leaders showed up. Our GPS was not working so we had to have the zone leaders stop by and we followed them to the Sheffield 1st ward building.

There where four elders in the zone leaders car and none of them are Americans. Two are for the Czech republic, the zone leader Elder Vilem Juran and the district leader Elder Zdenek Sindylek. It is interesting that they grew up together and are good friends. Elder Radu Simon is from Romania and Elder Conner Goodwin is from England. When we got to the ward building there were missionaries every where. We met the sister, Sister Lisa Bendsen from Demark who speaks very good English, Sister Hayley Burningham from Utah with flaming red hair.and Sister Kelbie Beesley from Alabama who likes guns. Our district meeting lasted 3 long hours. Really? It started at 9:30 and we did not get home until near one. They love to talk and bear their testimony.

While I was fixing lunch there was a knock at the door. Brother Roger Stanton the father of the owner of the home we are staying in, came by to look at the broken toilet. He had his friend Tom with him. We became instant friends. Before long we knew his whole life story. He was kind enough to show us around the area. First things first, we had to get our GPS fixed. Sad to say it did not work. The clerk at the store said it was Dinosaur. So much for eBay. After getting a new GPS he showed us the best shopping and treated us to the best Hot Choc. It was delightful. He gave us tips on where to show and get the best buys. Then we had the best fish and chips at the Admiral. By time he went home it was 10:00. We spent the whole day learning the area. Thank you Roger


First day in the mission field was very interesting. We landed on time into the Manchester, England airport. Once we got through security we wondered who would pick us up. It was fun to see two young men in black suits with white shirts and ties. We knew right away it was the AP's because they had black name tags just like ours and that was a dead give away. They are Elder Putham from Holiday, Utah and Elder Mosley from Mesa. I spoke with Elder Mosley's mom on the phone before we left Mesa because they are in our stake. It is fun to have a connection.

Sheffield is going to be our home for the next year. Our drive to our new flat was up beat and informative. Once to our home the AP's gave us the keys to the house and car and said goodbye. The home is a very small four bedroom home. Our bedroom has a full size bed which will be interesting to sleep in when we are use to a king size bed. The home has what I would call an Arizona room off the dining room. I'm sure they call it something different but to me it is an Arizona room. The kitchen is large for an English home. The washer is in the kitchen and the dryer is in the Arizona room. There is in one of the bedrooms "Thomas the Train" border wallpaper. Marky-Mark would love it. It has a king size blow up mattress in that room. We could sleep in there but I just couldn't sleep like that for a whole year.

We unpack and took a nap because we only had one hours sleep since we left Salt Lake City on Monday morning. After our nap we were excited to go explore but to our dismay our GPS we brought from home did not work. What to do now? PANIC? No...Pray for help. We found a map and like the blind leading the blind we tried to find a store to buy food. We found a gas station, filled up the car and asked a woman working there where there was a grocery store near by. First lesson learned "never ask for direction from the English. They are very helpful but do not know the names of their street. Oak trees, around abouts, car parks and fence don't help. Mark tried to tell me this before but now I understand what he was talking about.

There was no Internet so we had to call to have it set up. I learned post code is like a zip code but really it is more then a zip code. It is where your home is. A house number is your address. It was all very interesting and confusing all at the same time. After all that, we will not have Internet until Friday the 23rd. Grrrrr! Now. I have to find the library.

It pays to wear your name tap. We met a woman at "Morrison Store" that is a member of the Sheffield 1st ward. She saw our badges and asked if we were the ones taking the "Bonds" place. "Yes" we told her, "we are." She was so sweet and warm to talk to us. When she introduced herself to us she told us her name but spoke so fast I could not understand her. She told us about the Slovak branch and the exciting things happening in the area.

We had to hurry, buy our food and get back to our flat before dark. We prayed we could find it and we did. Tonight we are very tired and headed to bed early. Pray we get our GPS fixed tomorrow. We are so depend on electronics and hard to go back to dump phones and stupid maps. Before long we will get this all figures out and feel at home.

Monday, August 12, 2013


Judy took us to the airport and dropped us off. Our flight was at 11:00 AM so we left Orem about 8:00 AM. There were missionaies going to Demark, London South, Grease and us of course. One sister was from Finland going to Greece that knew Elder Hudikic the AP in Mesa.