Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yeah, we are home. Our flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix was the longest flight ever. Manchester to Philadelphia wasn't so bad because we could watch movies. It was hard to sleep because we were so excited but we needed to sleep because we need to sleep. By time we got home we been up 24 hours. It was fun to walk out and greet our families with the Wilson's. Sister Wilson in her talk today said you would've thought the queen of England had arrived because there were so many people to greet us. It was fun. All our kids were there plus Leigh Root, my brother Sam and his wife Carolyn, my brother Joe and my dad were there. Our friends Jan and Steve were late but they did show up at the airport. Grandpa Allen missed the whole thing because our plane was late and he got the times mixed up. We came straight to my house and had root beer floats. We met with our stake pres. at 8:30 to be released. Our Interview with him was about an hour. Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue and Eli showed up at our house but left before we got back so we haven't seen them yet. Thursday night we had to report to the stake high counsel. Four other missionaries reported with us, Jeff Kerr, Maklee Owens, Brooke Hatfield and Elmer Reyna. All we need to do is report next week to our ward and we are done. It was really hard when the stake president asked us to take off our name tags. I guess all good things have to come to an end.

I've already started walking with my friends again. Friday I went to lunch with some girl friends. When I got home from lunch Courtney, one of daughter friends, was at our house. She just returned from her mission the day after us. It was so good to see her because she got home from her mission to Washington on the 14th. She had a "get together" at her house on Saturday night and I totally forgot. It would have been nice to see all of summers friends. Friday night was Jacob Sorenson's wedding reception. He is in our ward and a close friend of Cole Mosley. I really wanted to go but this was the first night that our family could really all be together. I really feel bad that we didn't go cause I really wanted to say hello to all of our friends. There will be another time. It is so fun to catch up with everybody and what they're doing.

We went to the Wilson's homecoming today. My nieces Mary and Tiffany showed up to church with Jolene their mother. I scored by going to church at The Wilson's ward because they were there. If I hadn't of ran into Mary I probably wouldn't not have seen her  as she was only in town for a few days. The Wilson's to the fabulous job on their talk. I Suspect that they will be gone on another Mission within six months.

Well that about sums everything up. Life is boring now that were not missionaries. I found that we don't need all this "stuff" in our lives. We are going to go through and D-junk our home. We Have closets full of clothes that we will never wear. I figure I will go through this house from head to toe and get rid of stuff we don't need. If there is anything I learned on my mission it is we need to simplify our lives. We live this way for a whole year and were happy. By time I get to the garage and clean it, the weather will be cooler. Yes, it is HOT HERE.

Five more weeks until our darling daughter Summer comes home but who is counting. I love our missionaries so much and miss them tons.

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