Monday, August 11, 2014

Venice, Switzerlan​d and Paris

How is it going? We have left the mission but not left for home yet. The Wilson's are traveling with us before we all head home. We flew to Venice which was totally amazing. I would go there again in a heart beat. It was a fun city to be in with all the canals. Our hotel was so nice we felt like royalty. We took a Gondola and boat ride up the canals. We saw the building that was in a James Bond movie and the also the Tourist. That was cool and I thought of my sons who love James Bond. We went to a glass factory and lace factory. Elder Allen loved it...Not. He is a good sport.

Switzerland was so beautiful. We went to a waterfall and of course another castle. We drove by the temple in Berne and talked to the temple recorder. He served his mission in Leeds way back in 1974. It was fun talking to him.

You can keep Paris. Don't care for it at all. Elder Wilson had his backpack pinched on the train the first day we got here. The funniest thing we did was go tour a castle and it rained while we were standing in line for two hours. It didn't just rain, it poured buckets. It was warm like a shower and we all got soaked. I loved it! By time the tour was over we were all dry.

Trying to figure out the train and metro has been interesting to say the least here in Paris. Using a GPS in a car is different then using it while you walk down the street. It took us two hours to find our hotel. It is amazing we lived to tell about it.

We went to church today and ran into a couple named the White's. They are from Tremonton, Utah and neighbors to our Elder Brown. It is a small world in the gospel of Christ. Elaine Dayton, former general YW president, was at church today also. So fun to go to church in Paris and make connections with people. So fun to see missionaries walking down the street. We miss all our missionaries so much and meeting these missionaries made us miss them even more. The branch was small like Sheffield 4 branch. Another reminder of our mission.

At this point we just want to go home. The mission is over, we have said our goodbyes and we are done. We miss our missionaries and think of them all the time. What are they doing and can they live with out us? All good things must come to an end so now we just want to go home and see our family.

Tawni and Brian tease us by saying they have our cars and home ready for us. Wednesday can't come soon enough. We love you all and can't wait to met our two new grand-babies in three days. Have a great week because I know I will.

Love Debbie aka Sister Allen

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