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Elder Dyches asked why we came to the mission tour? He asked if we you came to see our friends? I raised my hand but no one else did. Everyone turned to look at me. Sorry, I'm just being honest. Yes, I came to learn first and foremost but I also came to see our fellow missionaries. I'm am going home soon and I wanted to say goodbye. What better way to learn then with your friends. Right? I think I embarrassed my companion.

Mission tour
Sister Pilkington
God knows us individually by giving us the Holy Ghost.
Walking on the beach and she was told to go back to her hotel.
The Spirit is always available to guide and direct you. However, the Spirit speaks quietly, through your feelings as well as your mind. One great challenge for you and those you work with is to recognize the quiet, subtle promptings of the Holy Ghost.
President Boyd K. Packer taught: “The voice of the Spirit is described in the scripture as being neither ‘loud’ nor ‘harsh.’ It is ‘not a voice of thunder, neither . . . voice of a great tumultuous noise.’ But rather, ‘a still voice of perfect mildness, as if it had been a whisper,’ and it can ‘pierce even to the very soul’ and ‘cause [the heart] to burn.’ (3 Ne. 11:3; Hel. 5:30; D&C 85:6–7.) Remember, Elijah found the voice of the Lord was not in the wind, nor in the earthquake, nor in the fire, but was a ‘still small voice.’ (1 Kgs. 19:12.) PMG
Keep close to The Lord and listen to he still small voice. D&C 6:20

Pres. Pilkington
We make choices every day. Everyday we see the consequences of people behavior. Many people can't see how to get out of their consequences. We have the right of choices. The spirit is with us if we choice correctly. We have to use our resources.
4 Aug 1914 the Great War started here in England. Pres. Pilkington's grandfather fought in the 1st battle in the Great War. Many men were killed. Because of them we are able to preach he gospel here in England.
"To truly remember we need to repay. To repay we need to reach out."

Sister Jill Dyches
Meeting change to revelatory experiences.
Doing things that people can't do for themselves is what we do as missionaries.
Sir Isaac Newton
While he was alive he lived a humble man. He stood on the arms of giants.
"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants."
City of Enoch - it was lifted up to heaven because they were of one heart and one mind. Our world is wicked. This is why we teach. We need to be obedience.
His gospel helps us to do better by repentance. It gives us a fresh view of the world and God.
Repentance. The Greek word of which this is the translation denotes a change of mind, i.e., a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world. Since we are born into conditions of mortality, repentance comes to mean a turning of the heart and will to God, and a renunciation of sin to which we are naturally inclined. Without this there can be no progress in the things of the soul’s salvation, for all accountable persons are stained by sin, and must be cleansed in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Repentance is not optional for salvation; it is a commandment of God (Bible Dictionary, Repentance)
31 And when Enoch had heard these words, he bowed himself to the earth, before the Lord, and spake before the Lord, saying: Why is it that I have found favor in thy sight, and am but a lad, and all the people hate me; for I am slow of speech; wherefore am I thy servant? (Pearl of Great Price, Moses, Chapter 6)
Enoch felt slow of speech, hated and young. He taught by the spirit and put God first
32 And the Lord said unto Enoch: Go forth and do as I have commanded thee, and no man shall pierce thee. Open thy mouth, and it shall be filled, and I will give thee utterance, for all flesh is in my hands, and I will do as seemeth me good. (Pearl of Great Price, Moses, Chapter 6)
Need to have faith to teach and show faith. He will fill your mouth.
34 Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me. (Pearl of Great Price, Moses, Chapter 6)
"It's a beautiful day and I can't see it." Blind man signs. People gave him money.

Timothy J Dyches
How do you receive inspiration in a meeting like this? Come with a question in mind. Take notes and re-read them. Come with the right spirit in mind. D&C 8:2-3 he will tell you in your heart and mind. I am not settled because...
How to become the. How do we become the best missionary?
1. We need to be me like Jesus
2. We are Not yet like Jesus
3. Things that don't change until we change.
4. Men are not finished until they change.

7 Yea, verily, verily, I say unto you, that the field is white already to harvest; wherefore, thrust in your sickles, and reap with all your might, mind, and strength.
8 Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old, who journeyed from Jerusalem in the wilderness. (Doctrine and Covenants, Doctrine and Covenants, Section 33)

Things that do change reminds the same. If we don't open our months nothing will change. Greek word for repentance  -
(2.) Metanoeo, meaning to change one's mind and purpose, as the result of after knowledge. This verb, with (3) the cognate noun _metanoia_, is used of true repentance, a change of mind and purpose and life, to which remission of sin is promised.
You create your own happiness.
Simplify = Clarify
Verify = testify
What happiness when Do does not equal Be
3 Nephi 27:21
21 Verily, verily, I say unto you, this is my gospel; and ye know the things that ye must do in my church; for the works which ye have seen me do that shall ye also do; for that which ye have seen me do even that shall ye do; (Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi, Chapter 27)
The Holy Ghost is the teacher and can guide us what to teach.
Member present shows that we are normal people. Chapel Tour
1.This is the best ward, we came to take the sacrament
2. Love my comp
3. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and we love missionary work.
PMG  last page

Satan is the master of complex, Christ is simple.
We prepare for the next step in their spiritual growth each time we meet. Why?

England Leeds South Mission Tour Photo
23 July 2014
left to right and top to bottom

Top row: Dotschkat, Kooijman, Westergard, Misselwitz, Kiikko, Stringfellow, Volet, Matthews, Zitting, Wadsworth, Wright, Wrenger, Clayburn, Henderson, McGee, Hillock, Pope, Cooper, Shurtliff, Williams, Johnson, Krylborn...

Rasmussen, Blaisdell, Parker, Dutry, Wilkes, M Lee, Liu, Hoxha, Bixler, Laborero, Wheelhouse, L White, Rodrigues, Moreira, McGinnis, Weggersen, Sindylek

Mullen, Owens, Rockne, Fonseca, Slabbert, Chan, Carrano, Coppin, Dickson, Alforque, Ruiters, Boyer, Goodwin, Kruse, Veitch, Gerlach, Elder Whipple, Elder W Smith, Elder Vingoe, Elder Gibb, Ormsby, Amende, Knoll, Eisert

Rawle, Wynder, Ith, Lam, Wiborny, Cabrejas, Salcedo, Decker, Elder Wilson, Sister Wilson, Sister Whipple, Sister Smith, Sister Vingoe, Sister Gibb, Sister Iverson, Elder Iverson

Elder Allen, Sister Allen, Stromberg, Beesley, Sewell, Cunningham, Howard, Elder Dyches, Sister Dyches, Sister Pilkington, President Pilkington, A Scott, Flammia, Tafengatoto, Pacis, M Larson, Huang

Bottom row: Frahm, Brown, Kearney, Z. Larson, Adams, McKeon, Jaeger, Groll, Wells, Baird, Trassierra, Atkins, Fowers

England Leeds North Mission Tour Photo
22 July 2014
left to right and top to bottom
Top row: Miles, Innis, Baumann, Oler, Z.White, D.Rodgers, Hobby, Fischer, Caldwell, Ivins, Li, Kruse, Kiss, Johansen, Mulgrew, Williamson, Mast, Johnson, Saolotoga, Jensen, Olsen, Maughan, Farrow, Sagmeister, Rogers, McKay, Cole, Mathijssen
Quaresma, Behrmann, Morace, Kotua, Coombs, Barrows, Manwaring, Orihuela, Funk, Goodwin, Ferguson, Keen, Thompson, Tsai, Van Alfen, L. Rodgers, Green

Meldrum, Fielding, McGill, Walter, Gjoni, Hansen, Korenkov, Leavitt, Harris, Ulloa, Porter, Diaz, Chidester, Flake, Pollock, Keck, Boukobza, McBride, Orr, Taylor

Crabb, Blackwell, Olson, Richards, Lauber, Hirschi, Jardine, A.Lee, Summers, Field, Baker, Compton, Sister Whipple, Elder Whipple, Sister Marsh, Elder Marsh, Sister M Smith, Elder R Smith, Penverne, Nkoma

Rossi, Hedstrom, Hall, Benner, Zurcher, Kuhn, McDowell, I.Scott, Monroe, Peck, Staheli, Holland, Prawitt, Seely, Lybbert, Boldbaatar

Elder Johanssen, Sister Johanssen, Elder Wilson, Sister Wilson, Sister Nielson, Kumire, Arrive, Dragoti, Sister Pilkington, President Pilkington, Elder Dyches, Sister Dyches, Lu, Dahneke, Cochran, Nigido, Wu, Sister Gebhardt, Elder Gebhardt, Sister Iverson, Elder Iverson

Bottom Row: Hancock, Nikitin, Van Scheltema, Vinck, Goodman, Bonds, Rush, Toeta-Saliefi, Gurney, Price, Van Boom, Hays, Amundsen, Thygerson, Viviers, Sim, Vogli, Schwarzkopf
 Elder Chan
 Elder McGinnis
Elder MeKeon

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