Wednesday, July 23, 2014


We meet with the Wilson's after the Mission Tour to talk about our trip to Europe. The Wilson's and us are going to spend nine days touring Europe before we go home. After say our goodbyes we took the country roads home from Hudderfield to Sheffield back to our flat. It was a lovely country road that we drove on through many little villages. Out in the middle of nowhere we see this orange Lamborghini on the opposite side of the road. President Pilkington loves the missionaries to find new ways to contact people and asking them about their cars is one of them. I told Elder Allen that it looked like the missionaries had stopped to help the man with his Lamborghini and maybe they needed our help also. He was tired and wanted to get home, but for once he listened to me and agree to go find out if they needed our help. It turns out that the car was broken down and they did need help pushing the car onto the bed of the tow truck. Before the tow truck go there, the owner let each missionary get his photo taken in the car. It was a treat for each of them.

 Elder McKeon, Elder Chan, Elder Kiikko and Elder Adams.

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