Sunday, February 2, 2014


Sister Hedstrom and Sister Stahlei found a woman on the bus from Killamarsh that they gave a Book of Mormon to. She accepted it and went on her way. Elder Misselwitz and Elder Vogli were having a hard time finding people to teach and decided to pray about a place to go finding. They picked the place of Killamarsh which missionaries do not go to very often. They happened to knock on the door of this man named Michael. Michael said, "My wife is reading your book she got from some ladies on the bus. Sure, come on in." This was the beginning of Michael learning about the church. The Elders were so excited to tell Elder Allen after their first meeting because guess what Michael loves to do? HUNT. Elder Allen does a lot of hunting back in the states. Elder Misselwitz got transferred out and Elder Molina got transferred in. Elder Molina, Elder Vogli and Elder Allen have done a great job of teaching Michael about the gospel. He has received his own testimony and given up old habits to become a member of the church. Michael will be baptized next weekend. 

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