Saturday, February 8, 2014


Milan is a referral from Fero. One day while is Rotherham we went to teach Fero some of the commandments. When we got there Fero came out of his house and said we needed to follow him because he found some one for us to teach. It turned out to be Milan and Margetta. 

Fero had met Milan on the street. Milan kept having impressions to go talk to Fero. He followed the spirit and told Fero about his finical situation. Fero had a very strong testimony of how the gospel can bless families. It had already helped Fero a lot. He told Milan about the missionaries and how they could help him change his life. Milan welcomed us into his home and was taught him that very day. The spirit was very powerful and he accepted the baptismal challenge on the first lesson. He has a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and he reads it all the time. He re-reads each page to better understand it. His family will follow him to baptism very soon. 
 These are the two friends Milan and Fero. The gospel has blessed their lives. 

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