Sunday, September 8, 2013


Elder Allen and I wanted to take a P-day and go visit a castle. Peveril Castle is 30 minutes from our home in Sheffield, so off we went. The drive was breathtakingly green and lush. The patch work of grass,trees and rolling hills was amazing.
We were able to find a parking place in the town square and follow the sign up the hill. As it turns out the Lorries (big trucks) hit the street sign and push it in the wrong directions. We walked up the hill for about a mile before we found someone only to tell us we were walking up the wrong hill. Grrrrr! It did not help that I needed to find a toilet. We turned around and headed back down the hill.

Sticking out my thumb just in case I could find a ride back down the hill.
 Footpaths are very common here in England.

 Walking down the hill to find the right road to the Castle. See how far we walked!

We read that the ruins of Peveril Castle stand high above the villiage of Castleton in the heart of Derbyshire's Peak District. Peveril Castle is one of England's Norman fortresses. It was built by Henry II in 1176.

This is a model of Peveril Castle and what it would have looked liked back in the day. See how high and deep the cliffs are. It is a climb to the castle at the top of the hill but we enjoyed the breathtaking views over the Hope Valley.
This is a drawing of the New Hall. I am standing where the fireplace would be.

 Where is Elder Allen in the Keep?

 Left side of the castle.
 LOL HI! Do you see it?

Look at the moss on the wall that has been here forever.
On top of the hill we had our P&J sandwiches. It looks like the clouds are sitting on the grass.
This is our road down the hill. Two cars are suppose to drive on this road. Really?
Sheffield headed back to our flat.


  1. Debbie, these pictures are sure making me homesick for England. We visited so many castles, as my husband is a history buff and loves English history. It was so good to serve in England on our mission. I love your pictures!!

  2. Sister Allen I just stumbled onto your blog. My son is currently serving in Bradford…a good ol’country boy from St. David Arizona! Your pictures are wonderful…thank you for sharing! Susan Pollock

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  4. Debbie AllenSeptember 10, 2013 at 11:39 PM
    Thanks Claudia. We have never met but you have helped me in ways you will never know. Thanks for your help. Susan my maiden name is Merrill and my family settled in St. David in the 1800's. Do you know any Merrill's? Bradford is near Leeds about an hour away from where we are nearer to the mission home. I will look for him. If he ever gets down toward Sheffield please let me know.

  5. Sister Allen,
    We have lived in St.David about 20 years...I know all of the local Merrill's plus many more! My husband and I actually grew up in the Gila Valley so we know Merrill's and Allen's there as well. Did you grow up in Mesa?

  6. Did not grow up in Mesa but have lived here for 25 years. Silva King is in my ward in Mesa. Her mother Lola Merrill still lives in St. David. My dad and I visited with her back in January. She showed us all around the town, told us where the old fort was and took us to the cemetery where my dads sister is buried. We had a great time walking back in history. Later we went over to Thatcher to the cemetery. I love cemeteries. There are lots of them in England. As for the Allen family I have a few nephews and nieces that live there.

  7. Lola Merrill is in our ward, and we are great friends! Are you related to Rusty...Lola's father-in law? What ward are you from in Mesa?

    Elder Pollock is our last missionary to serve, we have picked up his two older brothers and his sister that served, so we have plans to pick him up next summer. Since both my husbands line and mine (Preston) are from GB we are excited to tromp around a few cemeteries when we come!

    1. We are in the Northridge Ward with Lola's daughter Silva. The Merrill line goes back to Philimon Christopher Merrill. So yes I am related to Rusty.