Saturday, September 14, 2013


Bronsworth Hall is unique. It is not a glossily restored showpiece. A country home as it still reflecting the passed. It was built in the 1860s and occupied by a family for 120 years. We met the Wilson's here to take a tour of this fabulous home and gardens.

I have been told if you wear a scarf around your neck it will keep you warmer then if you did wear one. The last few days I have tried this and it works. I didn't have to wear a heavy coat because I felt warm. Good to know these things here in England.

 Bobbi my daugher, would love these purple flowers. I want this kind of garden back home.
 This ivy is amazing. Under all of it is a chain that it clings to. What a great idea.

 This is called a summer home. Not my idea of a summer home. It is more like a block gazebo.
 I like cemeteries but a PET Cemetery.
Can you see him saying, "Ok, time to go." It was a great day but we had a baptism to get to at 6:00. Duty calls.

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