Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It was zone training again today at Sheffield 2 ward. We talked about committing people to attend sacrament meetings. Then we had to do some roll playing. They even got us to do it. SCARY to do this in front of awesome missionaries but they said we did great.
 Two awesome Elder's from the Czech Republic, Elder Juran and Elder Sindylek
Cute little kids was dancing at the door when we stopped to talk to his mom. We had some other appointments in Firth Park and ended up at Ericka home. The Elders translated for me and I feel we did pretty good. When we left Elder Sindylek said "Sister Allen you were teaching and did a great job." I felt pretty good to get a compliment from an experience missionary like Elder Sindylek.
The Elders said we needed to try a Kebab for dinner. It was called a Doner on the menu and it was made from Lamb. Took one bit and I think it was left over from the Donner Party. Will not try that again. I think I will stick to Fish and Chips. — at Spice Box.

 President Fero Dunka and his wife Adriana with their six kids photos
Talked to my girls today on facebook skype. It was fun to see their babies

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