Monday, September 16, 2013


We finally made it an hour late to Zone P-day because we were looking for BBQ. This morning we started out at Costco with the Zone Leaders getting hot dogs and chicken. Then they went their way and we went ours after Costco. We needed to divide and conquer the tasks of getting everything else for the BBQ. When we arrived we found missionaries writting letters, playing baskertball and ping pong. The sisters were watching a Disney movie somewhere in the building.

Elder Allen helped Elder Goodwin and Elder Johanson get the BBQ going. This white board is to keep the rain off the fire.

Elder Juran cooking chicken. I like these cheap BBQ. When you are done, you just throw them away.
 Chesterfield Sisters Hall and Harrop. Sister Harrop goes home in November.
 Lunch is good
 Sister eat first and sit at different tables then the Elders
 Now a little fun of around the world table tennis.
 They played to win

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