Monday, October 7, 2013


Sister Wilson, the mission secretary asked me what advice I would give other couples coming into the mission.
1. GET A GPS or STAT map here in England, not at home. Get it as soon as you can  when you get here so you know where you are going. It is like having a third companion. We don't go anywhere without her or we would truly be lost. I say "her" because it is a British Woman's voice we listen to. Every round about looks the same and you can't tell North from South or East from West, uphill or downhill, every road looks the same. STAT maps are a life saver.
2. Get a bank travel card from Bank of America with a pin and chip or pin and signature. Also get a debit card from BofA. These are the best cards to get because they don't charge transaction fees or conversion fees. Plus you get reward points with the visa travel card. The debit card you have to use at Barclay ATM machines ONLY or you will be charged a fee. These are good things to know if you are traveling anywhere outside the USA not just here in England.
3. Get Internet as soon as you can so you can communicate with people at home. You can get free Internet at most McDonald's but it is a pain.
These things should help other seniors coming to England. It would have been helpful to know things like this before we came.

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