Saturday, October 26, 2013


We picked Thornton Abbey and Gatehouse to start our tour today. It took about a hour and half to get here from Sheffield. The road narrowed and took us down a road that was not where we were suppose to go. This is what happens when you put a postal code in your GPS and you don't have a street number. We turned around and found the Abbey down the road.
Thornton Abbey was founded as a priory in 1139 and later became an Abbey in 1148. The priests lived here lived a communal life under the Rule of St Augustine but also undertook pastoral duties outside of the Abbey.
The Wilson's and Gibb's joined us for our tour. (Gibb's not in photo)

This door was built about the 1300's

The largest and most richly detailed space in the monastery was the interior of the church. The building took more than 150 years to complete.

 Dressing up at a monk was fun. The robes are made of wool and very heavy.
 Where is Mark? He is hiding like we can see him?
This is what is displayed on the outside of the building. From left to right: The risen Christ with one hand pointing to his wounded side and the other raised to carry a metal cross. An Apostle or Prophet. An angel carrying a cross, wearing a crown of thorns and with evidence for attached metal wings.

 Walking down the hallways in the Gatehouse.


Looking at the dates on the building.

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