Saturday, October 26, 2013


The Lincoln Cathedral Centre is a cathedral located in Lincoln not far from the Bishops Medieval Place. Building commenced in 1088 and continued in several phases throughout the medieval period. We came to see Lincoln Medieval Bishops Palace and it was a bonus for us to get to go see this cathedral as well.
Gone medieval by browsing this historic market stalls selling a variety of goods and gifts for Christmas amid the grand surroundings of Lincoln Medieval Bishops' Palace! With all the people going to the medieval market the parking was terrible. We somehow lost the Gibb's and they enjoyed a lunch alone downtown. They said it was lovely.
Elder Allen found a new kind of trailer of some sort, to take hunting.
Masses of people selling their goods inside the cathedral
 Inside the catherdral is the organ.
 There was a children's choir singing folk songs. The echo of voices was amazing.
 This is where they preach every Sunday.
 Sister Wilson from a friend. He was just vegging.
 I found the artwork interesting on the sides of the cathedral. Not really sure what it is.
 We found a street for Elder Allen's dad.

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