Saturday, October 26, 2013


A little-known gem, Gainsborough Old Hall is one of the biggest and best-preserved medieval manor houses in England. It is part timber-framed but mostly brick-built. It was built in the latter part of the 15th century with Elizabethan additions, and has an impressive kitchen with an enormous fireplace, a noble great hall, and an imposing lodgings tower. It was a rewarding addition to your day out in Lincolnshire. It was our fourth and final stop for the day.
Elder Allen feels like a king. In fact famous visitors to the Old Hall include Richard III, Henry VIII, John Wesley, the Pilgrim Fathers and Elder Allen.

You can just image the history of this place and the many people who have had their meals here.

Elder Allen found a wild pig. The hunter always finds his game.
Yes, they are all died and stuffed.
Sister Wilson is cooking up something good.
Yummy pies and cakes.
How may I serve you?
This is the toilets they had back in the day. They would clean them out every 50 years. I would not want that job. They would also hang their clothes over the toilets to kill the bugs. Can you image the smell?
A view from the top of the Hall just outside the bedroom of Henry the VIII. When he got too heavy he could not fit in the narrow stairways and look over the city.

The White Rose of York (also called the Rose alba or rose argent), a white heraldic rose, is the symbol of the House of York and has since been adopted as a symbol of Yorkshire as a whole.You see the rose all over Yorkshire like in the ceiling.

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