Friday, March 7, 2014


Denisa is 13 years old. Her parents and younger brother are members. Her mother and brother were baptised a little over a month ago. She wasn't ready to be baptised at that time but she had some spiritual experiences with the lessons that the elders were teaching. She especially felt the spirit during the restoration story. During that time she told the elders that she knew this was the true church because she felt differently at she attended.  

The elders from Sheffield 2 Ward prepared the building and filled the font. When it came time for Denisa to be baptized, the water had leaked out the bottom of the font into the basement below. The water was only knee deep when Elder Brown and Denisa stepped into the font, At first we all thought the Sheffield 2 elders had made a mistake and had not filled the font up all the way. But someone discovered the leak. While the font was being re-filled again Elder Williams and Elder DeShazer were cleaning up the mess in the basement. It was a little stressful but it all turn out great. Denisa was scared and did not bend her knees the first time. The second time worked well. Her body needs to go all the way under the water to be done right. The spirit was really strong. Both Elder Allen and myself bore our testimonies to the truthfulness of the gospel. I love coming to baptisms. Especially Slovak baptisms. I feel honored to work with them.  

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