Saturday, March 8, 2014


Saturday morning we had district leaders council. This is when the zone leaders bring all the district leaders together and council with each other. Afterward the elders were playing on the piano.
After this meeting we headed to the Elsecar Heritage Centre. It is an Antique, History and Craft Centre localed near Barnsley in Yorkshire. It is located within the former ironworks and colliery workshops of the Earl Fitzwilliam. Restored historical buildings now house an antique centre, individual craft workshops, and exhibitions of Elsecar's past. We decided to take a drive to look for some bone china sugar bowls. This is just what Elder Allen wanted to do today. NOT! He is a good sport. We did find a few things he was interested in.
This rat reminded me of the story of the Mexican river rat. A group of people go tubing down a river in Mexico. This cute little dog come floating out to them. He is so cute that the couple want to take him home with them. They look for the owner of the dog but he is not anywhere to be found. At their home they have a cat and are a little concerned that the cat and dog will not get along but it turns out they do. Over the next couple of weeks they love and kiss the dog and really come to love him. One night the couple go out to dinner and leave the cat and the dog home alone. When they come home they find their house is torn apart. The cat has been killed and the dog is in the corner of the room hissing at them. Not knowing what to do they call a vet to come over and look at the dog. The vet takes one look at the dog and says, "That is no dog. It is a Mexican river rat." The moral of the story is sometimes Satan can deceive us. We let him into our lives and we don't realized until it is too late that he is not who he portray himself to be. He will always let us down.

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