Saturday, March 15, 2014


Anna got baptized on Saturday night. She is in an English ward. Of course it was amazing. Then we went teaching with Elder Krylborn and Elder Sindylek Saturday night. We were tired and didn't really want to do it but we did. It turned out to be a wonderful spiritual night. We went to two families of Slovaks. One family said that they had been praying that we would come there and we did. I am telling you the Slovak people are so humble and truly amazing people. It is some times like magical and sure real working with them. This family said they would walk the three miles to church on Sunday and they did. It was a Beautiful sunny day to walk to church today. The last family we went with will be baptized in on the 28th. The Father got baptized a month ago but we are waiting now for mom and three children. He played for us on his guitar and then we had a great conversation with his family. Both families showed up to church which is wonderful. 

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