Sunday, March 2, 2014


The last few days I haven't been feeling well. This is the second time since we have been in England that I've gotten a UTI. I try to drink lots of water but sometimes I forget. Guess I didn't drink enough water on Wednesday at zone conference and traveling on a bus didn't help either. On Thursday I felt fine until that night when I went to go to bed. I know exactly what it was because I've had them before. There was nothing I could do about it until morning. I must've drank a gallon of water before I went to bed that night which seemed to help. 8:30 the next morning I called the doctor and she called me back an hour later. She gave me a prescription and when I went to pick it up I didn't have to pay for it. I guess people over 60 don't have to pay for prescriptions in this country. Sweet! So I've just been resting and taking it easy. I've come to the conclusion that when we're sick if we sit and wallow in our pity we feel worse. On the other hand if we get up and get moving and try to serve others we will feel better. Nothings going to change but our attitude.

I had to teach the young women today in the Slovakian branch. Thank goodness Natalia showed up so should she could translate for me. We had a total of four girls altogether of which three of them were nonmembers. One is scheduled for baptism on the 15th and possibly one more. I taught them about the resurrection. None of them knew this term. I don't know if they just have never been taught it or they weren't familiar with the word. It might have been a language thing. It was a good lesson and I think they learned something. I use the example of a glove. Our hand is our spirit and the glove is our body. With our bodies and our spirit together we can do many different things in this life. It's sad that death separates us from our bodies but the good news is our spirits lives on forever. This is brought about by the resurrection which is the greatest gift of the Savior could have given us. It was fun to teach a new concept to young women that didn't know it before. Teaching the Slovakians in many ways is like teaching children. They are so eager to learn and change their lives.

Because I had to teach young women's I missed Sacrament meeting in Sheffield first Ward. I was told it was a wonderful sacrament meeting. Both Michael and Jan got up and bore their testimonies. They are going to be just fine and they're going to be great kingdom builders. I am so proud of them.

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