Monday, June 9, 2014


We had a wedding on Saturday for a Slovak family. The Rastislav and Rozalia have five children. They want to be baptized so they must be married before that can happen. Right after the wedding Rastislav was interviewed for baptism. He was honest with the elders and told him that he messed up. His father was here for the wedding and to celebrate he had a small drink on Friday night. This pushed his baptism the 21st. You have to give him credit for being honest. (I love these people) They are so humble. 

We went teaching after church on Sunday with Elder Brown and Elder Misselwitz. It was GREAT! We saw Joseph who was scheduled for baptism and then backed out. He is now taking it slowly but has great faith. We went to another member but he told his wife to tell us he was not home. We all knew he was upstairs and avoiding us. He got his feelings hurt and said he was not going to church. I left a picture from his baptism with his wife and the kids ran it upstairs to their father.  Time will tell how this will turn out. We also stopped by to pick up the elders bus passes from Zenick and Elasvetta. She left church early because she had headache. They were not home because they when to find something for her headache. Their daughters were home. We talked to them about the gospel and how we can feel the truth of it. They both said they know it is true. They see how the gospel has changed their father. He use to drink and was not a good dad. Now he is a changed person. The gospel makes bad man good and good men better. One daughter was baptized a few months ago. The other does not feel the need to be baptized because she was baptized in another church and that should count for something. She just doesn't get it but she will.

Pres. Pilkington and Sister Pilkington came a spoke in the branch Sunday. The members loved it. They kept shaking their heads in agreement with everything he said. He spoke about how his grandfather was an immigrant in this country from Ireland. How we all need to be faithful and keep the commandments. He said he would like to come again. I hope he does.

The best news this week is Harlie Lenise Allen was born on Thursday. Finally this little girl has come to our family. We are so excited to meet her and Daniel in a few short weeks. Life is good and we feel so blessed. We keep Ashley Harris in your prayers. Have a great week.

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