Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The sister leader trainers Sister Beesley and Sister Strongberg had an appointment downtown so they stopped by to say goodbye to Sister Golemi who is going home. Sister Golemi has so many emotions about going home. Sister Cabrajas is nerves about the area as she has only been here for six weeks. It is funny how we have all have different stages in our missions with different concerns. The Lord is always there to help us get through it. 
Waiting at Ward 2 for the bus. 
Elder Jenkins is going home and Elder Lee is getting transferred
 Elder Amende from New Zealand and Elder Van Scheltema from South Africa
 Elder Ulloa sharing some pringles. He goes home next transfer and he is from Toronto. 
 Our fearless zone leaders Elder Sindylek and Elder Krylborn
 Sister Golemi is telling us a thing or two. 
 Elder Vogli and Elder Dulty were in the MTC together. Now they are both district leaders. 
 Our last six week planner. Bittersweet moment here. 
 Waiting for the bus to arrive at ward 2. 
 Elder Allen and Elder McGinnis
 Elder Hansen is getting transfer out of Sheffield A zone for his last transfer. 
Posing for pictures while Elder Francom is waiting for the bus. Transfers to me are always hard. So many questions go through the missionaries minds. Those going home are different then those getting transferred. But really it is all the same. Excited, nervous, happy, sad etc. all in one feeling. Everything will be alright.
 Elder Adams and Elder Liu are making fun of each other eyes. 
 Elder Shurtliff and Elder Johnson from Sheffield 2 Elders came to unlock the gates. 
 Time to load the bus
 Elder Allen, Elder Lee from Fariview, Utah and Sister Allen

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