Monday, June 30, 2014


It has been a long time since we had our P-Days in the chapel. Elder Allen wanted to make the missionaries pancakes in Sheffield B zone. So we invited everyone in the zone to come to Sheffield 1 chapel. To get them all there we needed to help transport missionaries there. So he dropped me off a manor top and I started walking to the chapel. It is amazing what you miss when you drive versus when you walk.
 My brother's name is Ernie so I had to take this photo. 
 There are all kinds of different flowers here that are so colorful.
 They loved playing chair football. Someone had a soft football so we were allowed to play. 

This is comfort food for our american missionaries.There is nothing like a good old pancake and Elder Allen's homemade Rocky Mtn Syrup or raspberry jam.

 Relaxing during the Tea hour before appointments. 
 Someone did get hurt but it is all good

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