Saturday, June 28, 2014


Jan let me borrow a 1940's dress, sweater and basket to wear to Armed Forces Day in Cleethorpe. I love to dress up and this was really fun. Someone said I looked like Mary Poppins.
 Instead of driving we took the train which was lots of fun. 

 We got some funny looks.
 This is Simon a friend of Jan and Mick's who was dressed up as an ARP.

 Strawberries and cream, yummy! We are trying to eat healthier. 
 Jan and her mint tea.
I told Elder Allen that if I was serving in this town today I would come down town where all the people are to go finding. So who do we run into? Elder Parker and Elder Kearney. Elder Parker is from down south somewhere here in England. He goes home in four weeks. His parents are coming to pick him up. Elder Kearney is from Ireland. He served in Sheffield 2 when we first got here last August. We treated them to Fish and chips. He was great to see them. 

This sign says, "Roger Carlisle Gott licensed to pull teeth and the sale of Alcohol on and off the premises." I wonder if he is good a pulling teeth and if he is does he drink alcohol at the same time?

This was their parade of a few truck and a marching band. Much different then the 4th of July parade in Heber with fire trucks and water hoses.  It lasted about ten minutes.

This penny is what they would give mothers of a fallen solder. You can see this is the penny of James Porter.
 There was a fly by of 1940's planes. 
 It was a long day but oh so fun. 

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