Saturday, June 21, 2014


Rievaulx Abbey is near Helmsley in the North York National Park. Headed by the Abbot of Rievaulx, it was one of the wealthiest abbeys in England until it was dissolved by Henry VIII of England in 1538. Its ruins are a tourist attraction, owned and maintained by English Heritage. 
Rievaulx Abbey was founded in 1132 by twelve by 12 monks, as a mission for the colonisation of the north of England and Scotland. Its remote location was ideal for the monks, whose desire was to follow a strict life of prayer and self-sufficiency with little contact with the outside world.
 Weights and measures used in the 16th century. 

 At one time there were over 800 monks living here.
The abbey was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1538. At that time there were reported to be 72 buildings occupied by an abbot and 21 monks, attended by 102 servants, with an income of £351 a year. 
 Henry ordered the buildings to be rendered uninhabitable and stripped of valuables such as lead.

 There were free audio telling about the Abbey. 

 The look from the outside looking toward the Abbey.

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  1. We loved going there. Were there lots of pheasants there on the drive up. They were so tame. We stopped on the look out and the pheasants would almost come up to you. Beautiful place.