Saturday, November 9, 2013


This site at the top of a hill is called the Clifford Tower. It is a medieval castle were horrifying event took place in English Jewry. On the night of 16 March 1190 in the feast of Shabbat ha-Gadol, this small Jewish community of York gathered together for protection inside this tower. There was a mob and rather than perish at the hands of this violent mob that stood outside, many of the Jews took their own lives. Others died in the flames that hit the castle, and those that did not die by fire who finally surrendered were massacred and murdered by the mob.
These event show the antisemitism in medieval England. This attack was by not means an isolated incident, but a culminations of violent feelings which filled the country in the early part of 1190. I can't imagine the suffering of these people and what they had to go through. I hope we all learn from history.

Many stairs to climb to get to the top.

You can see all over York from the top of the Tower.

Elder and Sister Wilson
The top was made of timber and this is why it burned.

I don't know if you can tell buy the wall is sinking to the right and not straight.

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