Saturday, November 23, 2013


 The drive to Rufford Abbey Country Park was breath taking. We drove through Sherwood Forest.

Rufford Abbey Country Park is the estate and grounds of a former 12 century Cistercian Monastery and country house. It broader Sherwood Forest area.

 This is what it looked like back in 1905. It is to bad it does not look like this today. 

 Inside the lower level of the abbey.
 Here is some history about Rufford Abbey and closing of the abbey by King Henry VIII.

 I thought our schedule was tough but this surely beat it. 

In the outdoor market I bought a scarf and hat from Sue Allen. We had a good laugh about our names. 
This new hat and scarf will keep me warm for sure.

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  1. A beautiful place to visit; I was there yesterday....the weather was much nicer than when you were there.