Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Tonight we went with the Elders to visit a less active member in the ward named Howard. Howard has only been a member of the church for a few years and just has not been coming out to church. He has a good friend named Jimmy. Both of them decided that they needed to make changes in their lives. It was an amazing lesson we had with them talking about the simple truths of the gospel. Jimmy agreed to read the Book of Mormon and Howard agreed to read it with them. They are both coming to church on Sunday. We taught Jimmy how to pray.

The steps of prayer are 1. Start with addressing "Our Father in Heaven." 2. Show your gratitude to your Heavenly Father by thanking him for things that you have in your life. For example: house to live in, family, meeting the missionaries, etc. Just whatever you're grateful for you thank our Father in Heaven of. 3. Asking for things that you might need in your life. For example, Answer to questions, knowledge to know the truth, health etc. 4. Close with "in the name of Jesus Christ amen," 

Jimmy was a little bit apprehensive at first but eventually he gave a wonderful prayer. We told him that the gospel is very simple and to know the truth he needs to read the Scriptures, pray, and come to church. The spirit will testify to him of the truthfulness of the gospel. The elders invited him to take a tour of the chapel so he would know where to go to church on Sunday. One of the elders gave him the baptismal challenge which is when he reads, prays and come to church then he knows that the church is true, then will you be baptized? And he said YES! The spirit was very strong. I will be so excited when I see him at church on Sunday. There are miracles happening in Sheffield.

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