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183 General Conference
 Saturday morning
 Pres Monson Gilbert Temple 12,000 youth 142 temple total will be 170. No new temples

Worth it to go on a mission. Worry, worn and weep is how disciples feel. These children will not hear the word of The Lord if we don't serve. 

Tornado Oklahoma -  tell them I love, praying for them and thank them for their help. We all have the opportunity to help others. Will we respond, write a note and help others. Or will we be like the rich man. Come and follow me. Yet he turned away. What of our earthly things? Come follow me. He has taken upon him our burdens. Bare on another burdens. Twister - stop right in front of her face. Value what the Lord loves.

Carlos H Amado - Christ the Redeemer
We are in debit to the Savior because he took our burdens upon him. He testified he was the Son of God, he will come as king of kings and Lord of lords.

What do I want my grandchildren to know. Porno - husband and wives to put each first. Young women, saw things she had not wanted to see at a friends house. Porn is everywhere. Try not to act shocked. It is more evil more the ever. Do you know how much The Lord loves you? Know that you are not alone. Filters are useful tools. How do we lead our youth to deep conversion? Daily scripture study and FHE. Talk, rejoice and prayer of Christ. This add protection to our families. When we search out our ancestors we will have promised. Picture the Savior. Be an example. Ask for help. I want them to know the Savior. Humble ourselves and change our hearts. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and will never be lead astray.

Neil L. Anderson -  Spiritual Whirlwinds
Tornado - mobile home put right on top of another mobile home. World winds of sin can move us that we don't even know we are moved. Challenges will come to you. How do you prepare for you world wind? Build upon the Rock. Civil law does not change moral law. Families are the treasures of Heaven. Teach the creators plan. Each deserves respect. Don't be self righteousness. There is not room for bullying. Read the Book of Mormon. Do family history. Go to the temple. Learn about Jesus Christ in the temple. Don't let the world wind bring you down. Follow Christ, mercy and love and his atonement. You will see the world winds for what they are-test. Spiritual rock under your feet will be strong. His promise real.

Henry B Eyring - A Priceless Heritage of Hope
Choice to keep a covenant of God. Great grandparent - Heinrich Eyring - keeper of the lands. He was penny-less. Came to America to St. Louis. Read a pamphlet by Parley P Pratt. He had a dream that it was true. Elder William Brown baptized him. Always assembled with the saints. Six year mission to OK. Went to mission to Germany and later Mexico where he died. You maybe the first in your family to join the church. Remembers the duties maybe difficult. Keeping our 2nd estate depends are on if we follow Jesus. Because of the fall we need to baptized and later got to the temple. Rightful inheritance. Alma the younger and the 4 son of Mosiah, an angel come to them. The Lord does not quit. Righteousness is never forced. We all have the light of Christ. Inheritance of Faith. Faith hope and charity to guide us. Things will work out.

Saturday night
Russell M Nelson - Let Your Faith Show
Faith instead of fear. All men have fears. Face fear with faith is priceless. Let your faith show. (He lost his daughter)

His father was not a member and his mother was less active. Grandmother helped the children to be baptized. His girlfriend said she would not marry unless it was to a return missionary. Serving The Lord first. Near made him feel less but important. How can be become an influence for good. Love those we love and serve. Develop faith in Gods love. Ask questions to make them think. Help them to work out the answers for themselves. Help them to know the scriptures. This will prepare them. His family was sealed in the temple and his father became a sealer in the temple. People can change. Love and trust. We all grow line upon line. Simple. The atonement of Jesus Christ brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. Testify at every opportunity.

Natural mans obedience. Selective obedience - don't see the reason for a commandment. Understanding obedience and endure to he end. Mature obedience and wiling obey. Choose the right. Deep personal committee. Do we love Satan more then God? Rational sin does not change the consciences.

Change our actions. And the purpose of God cannot be frustrated. Don't lose sight. Turn back to the right way. The day will come.

W Craig Zwick - What Are You Thinking?
Construction - driving a semi-truck with the cap full of smoke. Wife jumps out with their baby. No corrupt. See things from others point if view. Treat all people with respect. Owned the Truth from how others see things.

Quentin L Cook - Roots and Branches
Live and then we die. The gospel is about families. Malachi - turn the hearts. Baptism for the dead. 12 temples in 1964, 130 temple built since then. We finally have everything for family history work. "My family booklet"

Sunday morning
Dieter F Uchdrof - Grateful in Any Circumstances
Sometimes our lives seem to feel adrift. We can be grateful and set aside bitterness. That The Lord in all things. Why does he command us to be grateful. The Lord does not want us to be grateful when things are going our way. We need to be more grateful in themes of trouble. Be grateful in our current life. The choice is ours to be grateful. Two loafers of bread. Be like the Mormon pioneers to be happy. Liberty jail. Be grateful no matter what. Endings are just interruptions. Only every lasting beginnings. Living in Thanksgiving daily.

M Russell Nelson - Following Up
 Tag dance, follow up. He has been married 67 years.
 1. Use the correct name of the church.
 2. Pray for missionary experiences

20 ...But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance. (Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi, Chapter 1)
Abandon roadside...when the dark shadows we know tha The Lord is ever near. CS Lewis "pray because I can" there is is much more for us the this life. You can feel peace in the middle of turmoil. You are not along and forgotten.

Gary E Swenson - Your Four Minutes
Four minute performance- what is yours? Run the race to win the the prices. Check points in life. God given ordinance. The power of Godly is shown. Ponder. What do I need to do next? Do it now. Scriptures study. Know one knows when our four minutes are up. It is never too late. Leaders cheer you on. How can you help others with their four minutes? The time is now.

Friend - truck - the load. It was the load that got him back to his family. Is the load giving me the traction so I can return to our Heavenly Father? Are we distracted? All ye that labour...take my yoke upon him...we never need to be alone... Our atonement help us to do good. To be clean. To enliven and strengthen us.

We cannot truly love God without loving out follow men. We are all spirit children of our Heavenly Father. Love is the essence in the gospel. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do, day to day inter actions with others. Treat those we love with kindness.

Priesthood session

Never start addiction. Don't even think about it. The Lord does not give up n you. Keep trying. Don't lose faith and he will give you power. You will not sleep through the restoration.

Henry B Eyring - The Priesthood Man
 Choose heroes.

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