Sunday, April 6, 2014


Today I taught Young Women's for Sammy Willis who was out of town. These girls are truly amazing young women. Two of them are the branch presidents daughters, one is an investigator and the other has been a member for less then a year. They helped me by handing me their cell phones when we first got to class. The rule is "No phones during class." Wow, they are so obedient. 

The lesson was on apostasy and restoration. I gave them all a piece of gum and they love it. After a while,  I asked them, if the chewed gum could it be restored to it original shape? No, it had to be restored. Just like the gum had to be restored, the church had to be restored in the latter days. The Church at the time of Christ was lost when Christ and the Apostles were killed. Because of Apostasy there needed to be a Restoration. I think this helped them understand the concept a little better. 
#Builtuponprophetsandapostles Who can tell me how this works? What happened when Christ and the Apostles all died? Who was left to guide the Church? There needed to be a restoration. Just think about that and let me know what you think.

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