Friday, April 25, 2014


 A great night for Marck and his family.
 Some of the wonderful youth in the branch along with Elder Brown. 
After the baptism we came into the cultural hall for some refreshments. It was really cold so these two women came and stood with me by the heater. We spoke very little to each other because we don't understand each others languages. Just standing there sharing a special moment with them I could feel their great love. Martha (in purple) will be baptized in a few weeks. Her husband Peter has been a member for awhile. This past week had been hard on her. They lived in a area of Sheffield that was not very good. Some bad kids who do not like the Slovak being here in England broke the windows and front door in their home during the night when their family was sleeping. These kids kick down the front door and ransacked their home. This family was forced to move. Now they are all settled into a better neighborhood where many members of the church live. They have a great support system amount the branch. Martha sees what the church can do for her family. She is a mother like me that wants the best for her family. She loves the Lord and is willing to follow him. Both of these women are wonderful. I love them so much. 

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