Monday, April 28, 2014


We went to Mansfield today to pick up Elder Ressler who is going home today. Elder Hoxha had to get another photo with Elder Allen. Elder Ressler looks very excited to be going home. He did a great job speaking Polish here in Mansfield. 
These two guys came got together. Elder Ressler's visa is up before Elder DeShazer so he has to leave now.
 Stopped by on this P-day to say good-bye. 
 Top to bottom, left to right: Eisert, Volet, Pope, Wilkes, DeShazer, Ulloa and Ressler.
Elder Goodwin and Elder Allen
Family Home Evening at the Wilson's  home was another surprise for Elder Ressler. He served here for a few months. One more final good-bye. Good speed Elder.

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