Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today was Good Friday and the Family History Center was closed in Sheffield. We packed up a small suit case and headed to Leeds. We have a new couple in the mission. They are the Smith's from West Jordan, Utah. Their calling is in Family History. I know a lot about Family History work, Family Tree etc. but there is always something to learn. Elder Smith taught me how to add photos to Family Tree. It was so fun except my computer is sooooooooo slooooooow. Elder Allen learned how to work in See we can all learn something new. 
We brought our griddle to make pancakes for Elder Goodwin's birthday. There is a kitchen and a counter to cook on at the back of the office. We mixed up the pancake mix and turned on the griddle right under the smoke alarm. You guessed it! We set it off and it would not stop even though we unplugged the griddle. Within a few minutes you could hear the fire truck coming down the street. Sister Wilson yell, "Everyone out. We will be in big trouble if we are not all out of the building." We were laughing all the way out the door. 
Here is the truck right outside the fence. The firemen were so nice. We told them we tried to call to stop them from coming out but could not find the number. They told us that in this country the code is 999. I will have to remember that. 
Sister Wilson is writing down the correct number to call. You can see the fire alarm on the far left wall up high. The the griddle is on the counter. You can also see the homemade syrup Elder Allen made. It tasted just like syrup from home. 

This is one happy missionary. He ate all eight pancakes. It was so fun to share this moment with him. (He was not here for the fire truck)
Being it was a family history day we ran over to Horsforth Woodside Cemetery were my grand-grandparents are buried. I have added all the headstones in this cemetery that I could read to There are a few headstones I could not read. The other missionaries helped me write them down to add them when I get back to Sheffield. 
I always wanted to stop by Kirkstall Abbey. Everytime we come it is raining or we are to busy to stop. It was later in the day but this time we were able to stop and take pictures. This girl will do anything to get a kiss from this man. Love you Elder Allen. 

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