Thursday, April 17, 2014


We like to teach with the missionaries as often as we can. This day we were asked to got teaching with them on a street called Belmont. The family they are teaching are scheduled for baptism and truly are amazing to teach. When we got there, there was four people in the home. A mom and a dad and two kids. A few minutes later the door opens, a people started coming in and sit down. Within a half and hour we had ten people there all wanting to hear our message. Elaine, the mom had her best friend come sit in on the lesson. They had been talking about some things that they wanted to ask the missionaries. We were just talking as the spirit told us what to say. At the end of the lesson Elaine said, "You answered all our questions during the lesson without us even having to ask you one questions." It is amazing how the spirit works. 

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