Saturday, April 12, 2014


About two weeks ago these yellow flowers just started popping up in the fields all over the place. We truly know it is Spring now.
 This is a statue of Queen Victoria in Queen Victoria Square in the heart of Hull
Hull is a trading post and is called Kingston on Hull in the East Riding, Yorkshire, England. Seaborne traded can be traced to the 13th century. This bench is made out of whale bones and can be found in the Hull Museum.
This statue looks like our mission president, President Pilkington. Right down to the glasses. He is heading north.

 This statue was made by Neil Hadlock from Utah. Sister Gibb personally knows him. 

This is the Humber bridge, the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world of it's type. It opened in 1981.
 These are more flowers on our way home. 
It was good to get together with the Gibb's and talk about missionary work as a senior couple. Our mission as couples is different then the younger missionaries. Each couple has to figure it our for themselves on how the Lord wants them to do the work. The Gibb's work with the young adults in their area where we don't do this type of work at all. We work more with the young missionaries and teach lesson with them. We also work with less active members and try to encourage them to come back to church. 

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