Thursday, December 26, 2013


During Christmas and Boxing day the missionaries are allowed to play a few video games. We were able to let them use our IPad's during the time. They LOVED it!
Brenda Nettleship really out did herself by serving us a Thanksgiving meal. I think I will dream about the meal for a long time. It was all the good things we have at home like Turkey, potatoes, gravy and lots of veggies. It was YUMMY!

Elder Misselwitz and Elder Vogli showed up to use Skype. Elder Vogli had not been able to talk to his parents before now. He was so happy!

Elder Brown and Elder Juran helped me and Brenda clean up the dishes. We needed someone tall to put away things on the top shelf. This is where Elder Brown comes in. 

They watched the "Emperors New Groove." Elder Allen and I slept through most of it. I heard lots of laughter and you can see they were happy. 
They holidays and phone calls home are over. Tonight it is back to work. 

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