Monday, December 9, 2013

MONDAY DEC 9, 2013

So how is it going? We have had an amazing week here in Sheffield. Started out on Tuesday with a couples mission council with the president. Our main responsibility as couple missionaries is to help the younger missionary succeed. The president gave us many ideas on how to help them. The first one is helping them find new people to teach and second is to help them learn how to study. We are not in leadership positions at all nor do we want to take over leadership roles. We are more like a guide and a mentor. So this next week we will start working with individual teams to help them to be more successful. Your dad has many good ideas to share with them about knocking on doors and finding people. We want to help them make their study time come alive and be exciting for them. If you have any good ideas you can share them with me.

Working with Sheffield 4th branch is truly an amazing experience. On Friday we went over to Rotherham to teach a few Slovak families. The first family has been waiting for their passports for seven months. They need their passports so that they can get married so that they can finally get baptized. Patience is a virtue and they are truly learning that. Hopefully within the next couple weeks they can get their passports back. Evil man have charge them big bucks and then are deceitful on where their passports are. The Lord is mindful of their desire to follow Christ and it will all work out in the end. We are praying that their passports will come in the next few weeks. Once their passports arrive then they have to apply to get married which takes about three weeks. So probably sometime in January they can get married and then finally in the waters of baptism.

The family with the passport problem introduced us to another Slovak family. We have been teaching them for three weeks. Many times the Lord prepares people to be taught the gospel. This man stop smoking four years ago because he wanted better health. Him and his family are very humble and open to the message of the gospel. There are no word of wisdom problems for him.

Two weeks ago we stopped with the elders to get some dinner at a Kebab shop. For one pound you could get a two piece chicken dinner and chips. Chips referring to french fries. Potato chips are called "Crisps" here in England. It was a very good price.

When leaving the kebab shop we ran into a family that asked about our name tags. "I love Jesus" was the woman's Slovakian message and I understood what she was saying. Her eyes lit up and she just kept saying "Jesus Jesus Jesus." pointing to our name tags. The Elders took her address so we can go visit them later.  We finally got to teach her and her family last Friday. They accepted our message with open hearts. We talked about the Savior and started to teach them about the restoration. We try to keep teaching within an hour so we concluded our thoughts and prepared to leave. The father says to the elders "what does your church teach about baptism? And do you baptized by immersion?" "Yes, we baptized by immersion", was our answer. "That's what I want" he said, "to be baptized like Jesus was baptized." I'm telling you these people are amazing. They recognize the spirit and they want to follow Christ. His wife pipes up at this point and says "I want to be baptized too and what about my children?" He asked. "I have an eight-year-old and a nine-year-old. Can they get baptized too?" Hummmm I don't know, let me think about that.... OF COURSE THEY CAN! We gave the baptismal challenge and they are scheduled for January 11th.Their whole family came to church yesterday and they loved every minute of it. I'm telling you the Lord has prepares these people and loves them very much.

5 "And it came to pass that they did humble themselves before the Lord; insomuch that I had joy and great hopes of them, that they would walk in the paths of righteousness." (Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi, Chapter 16)

Yesterday there was over 20 people that were investigators at church. A total of 85 people in the branch attending sacrament yesterday. Amazing amazing amazing amazing. We love being missionaries.

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