Sunday, December 29, 2013


Today we got a phone call from Sister Staheli and she is leaving us. It was an emergency transfer. Another Sister is sick and has to go home. Sister Staheli was in a threesome so naturally someone had to go and it was her. We are so sad but then again we know this is the life of a missionary. In someways it is harder to say goodbye to missionaries then your own children.We know we will see our kids again but missionaries come into your hearts and leave to serve the Lords somewhere else. There is always a reason and a purpose for everything. We took the Sisters out Saturday night for Sister Staheli last supper. 

Sunday night we met the AP's in Doncaster to exchange missionaries. It was a chance to get another photo of these great missionaries. Elder Goodwin was our zone leader when we first got here. I cried when he was transferred but now we see him all the time along with our Mesa friend Elder Mosley. 
 One last hug before she leaves us. 

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