Saturday, December 14, 2013


The zone leaders told us to met at the "Lidi" car park at 1:00 PM. As Americans, what we heard was "Little" car park. LOL! We are glad they set us straight. Lidi is a grocery store where we were able to buy a few things for the baptism that night so it all worked out well. 
 Stanforth Road is a busy road in Darnall. The zone leaders guided us to where to stand and sing. 

 As cars rushed by we sang louder and louder and waved to the drives. We got lots of waves back. 
 Some people even stopped to give us money. That was not our intent to make money. We just wanted to share good feelings about Christ with others through song. I am not one who can sing but I love singing. They are not going to ask me to join the ward choir but this was lots of fun. 

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