Saturday, May 10, 2014


These flowers are everywhere along the side of roads here in England. It is called Rapeseed. It is a bright yellow flowering plant that is made into Canola oil. I think they are absolutely beautiful when there are fields and fields of them. You can see them for miles around. By themselves they are not so pretty and almost go unnoticed. If I were to compare these flowers to something I would compare them to missionaries. By themselves they are not much to look at but a field of missionaries is a force for good. Everything we do in life can point it to a gospel message. What do you come up with when you see these flowers?
When Sister B got transferred to York she traded places with Sister Cabrejas. Sister Cabrejas forgot to leave her a bus pass. Sister Cabrejas gave it to us to give to Sister B. We stopped by on our way back to Sheffield from Newcastle to give it to her because York was on our way home. It was so good to see her and meet her companion. 

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