Wednesday, May 21, 2014


We have to bring our cars for zone conference so the Senior Elders can so a safely check on them. We passed with flying colors. The missionaries had to bring their area books. The Senior Sister's helped Sister Wilson check them over to make sure they were  in good order.  They need to be up to date so if  a missionary gets transferred the next missionary can know what is happening in their area. It is a great plan. 
Lunch is always provided by the hosting stake. Ward 2 in Sheffield fixed us sandwiches, chips, fruit and dessert rolls. Then all the birthday for the that quarter are celebrated with a song and a candy bar.

Sister Wilson, Elder McGinnis and Elder Goodwin
Sister Wilson and myself
Me and Elder Hoxha
Elder Wright love to mess up my photos. Got to love it. 
Elder Simon goes home next transfer. He was in Sheffield 4 when we first got here. He is from Romania.
Elder Allen, Sister Scott (from Arizona), Sister Staheli and me
Our new AP is from Norway, Elder Amundsen. Elder Allen thinks he looks like a blonde Tom Cruise. 
Short people need to stick together. 
It is always fun to see missionaries that have move away to other areas. 

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