Saturday, May 31, 2014


Our day started out by going to the Family History Fair in Hillsborough. We could only stay for about an hour. While looking at the booths we ran into a lady that asked why we did not have a booth there at the Fair. She had seen our name tags and knew we were from the church. Last year they had a booth for us and no one showed up. We ran into Sister Smith our new Family History Missionary. They are going to take care of it so next year they will have a booth. 
 Outside the Family History Fair.
 Next we went to Elsecar Heritage Center. There is a two story building there with lots of china. This was not a good thing. Elder Allen became the founder of the Grumpy Old Mens Club after that. 
 Both Sister Wilson and I found more china to take home. Really not a good day for our husbands. 
Our next stop was down in Chesterfield where the ward was having an open house. It was fun to see their new building and visit with the missionaries. I love this statue out by the street of a young family. It shows that we love families.
Driving to Chesterfield we say this sign in a town called "Harley". Our new granddaughter is going to be born this week and her name is going to be Harley. What a cute sign.
 Then we drive by a Harley Inn and Restaurant. It must be a sign that Harley will be born today. 
The baptismal font has this beautiful window that over looks the city of Chesterfield. I hope they never build anything next to the church and block their view.
 Sister Cunningham is from Scotland. She is always so happy and I love to hear her talk. 

Opposition in all things. With everything good there is something bad. Today at the open house we had people show up with signs against our church. Can you see the yellow and blue signs. No big deal.
 This is Charlotte one of the young women from Chesterfield ward. We have become good friends on FB.
 On our way home we stopped for a bit to eat, We drive by the Belfry all the time and say some day we will stop and eat here. Today was the day.
 When we drive by we always look to see if this table is taken because we call it our table. Silly, I know. 
We enjoyed talking to a lovely couple outside the Belfry. They had a little girl who showed us how to ride a scooter. She was six and an only child. Her parents said they were going to be getting married next year. I asked them what they were waiting for? Destination wedding was their answer and they want to do it right. I understood that. 

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