Saturday, May 3, 2014


The Twolley family were baptized. I spoke about them last week. They were the family that when we taught them people kept coming through the door. We had a whole room of 10 people listening to us. Life in the Slovakian home changed quite quickly. This family found out that they were moving to Darby today. The missionaries almost canceled their baptism because Twolley family was moving. Pres. said that they qualified for baptism and it is their right to be baptized. I don't know that they will ever be active in the church because there is only one Slovak branch in the UK. They would have to go to a regular English ward in their new area. Time will tell and we shall see. So last night in the chapel the mother and father and two daughters were confirmed. I know that's not the regular procedure but that's the way it had to be. 
Jan, Helena, Natalia and Victoria - The elders had some time before a teaching appointment and decided to go knocking. The first door they knocked on was a Slovak family who let them in and they began to teach them. Jan and his family had been prepared for the missionaries visit. There is more peace and happiness in their home. They have progressed quickly. They feel that they have found the truth. The elder drive to Rotherhan and walk to church every Sunday with Jan and his family. It takes an hour because Helena, the mother, gets blister on her feet. They are willing to make this sacrifice to attend Church because they know the gospel is true. They have referred their relative to the missionaries. 

Saturday night we had five people baptized in the Slovak branch. Marta is the wife of a member. Her husband Peter was baptized about four months ago. She knew the gospel was true but was not ready to be baptized then. She said she would let us know when she was ready. She loves it when Elder Allen and I come to her home. Two weeks ago some rough young adults broke into their home in the middle of the night. She had just said her prayers and got into bed praying that the Lord would protect them. She heard a large crash as somebody threw Bricks through her window downstairs and kicked in her door. They live in a drug infested area and had been persecuted before because they were Slovakian. As her family came downstairs she grabbed her Bible and three Book of Mormons and that's all she took as they left. Within a few days they were able to be relocated into another flat. This experience caused her to reflect on her faith. Within a few days she scheduled her baptism. It was a glorious opportunity to stand at the baptismal fonts edge and greets her she came out of the water.

 Elder Allen loves to hand out candy bars to the kids. They LOVE HIM!

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