Friday, May 9, 2014


 I had to take a photo of the plants growing on the homes. I thing is looks beautiful and give character.
This is a bridge we crossed over going to Richmond from Middleham Castle. Only in England would you see this.
 I love the stone fences. If only we had these at home in Arizona. 
This is a pillbox that we saw along the side of the road. What do you think it was use for? I will give you a clue. They were built during the Second World War. Churchill was worried that Britain didn't have enough defenses to back up what he was saying. He was telling his nation, "we shall fight them (Germans) on the beaches we shall fight in the streets, we shall never surrender." Following his speech, there was the biggest military building program in British history. The mission was to make the country an impregnable fortress. Over 18,000 concrete pill boxes were constructed all over England. They were comprised of a small room of about ten feet square and six feet high walls for thick rough concrete with a door. They were basically a type of dug-out or bunker with a look-outs and small slits for machine guns. 

Richmond Castle is an impressive site on a rocky hill above the River Swale, overlooking a picturesque market town in beautiful Swaledale. It is one of the oldest Norman stone fortresses. According to legend, King Arthur and his knights lie sleeping in a cavern beneath the keep, and the drumbeats of a drummer-boy lost in a secret passage can still be heard.

 Maybe this is where they got the term "He doesn't  have a even a pot to piss in." I'm just saying. 

 Can you see our car down in the market square? It is the silver one. LOL!
Yes, I saw the sign and yes, I still hit my head.  

We left about two to head to Newcastle. This statue below is what you see when you come in to Newcastle. 

This is the sight from our hotel. That night we went out for Indian food. It really was the first time I had ever had Indian food. I was told it was hot flavored food. So I made sure I ordered mild. I ate it all but I don't know that it was my favor.
 Mango sauce to clear your palate at the Indian restaurant. 
I am taken care of missionary business on the phone while Elder Allen is relaxing. 

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