Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 I have never know any one from Albania. Now I know three, Elder Hoxha, Elder Vogli and Sister Golemi. The future of Albania is in their hands. They are each unique with every strong testimonies of the gospel. Elder Hoxha and Sister Golemi have only been members for a few years. Elder Volgi was basically raised in the the gospel. One thing is for sure. None of them have any fears about sharing the gospel and sharing what they know to be true. 
 Within 24 hours these Elders will be home sleeping in their own beds. Elder Woods was trying to get a little sun on his arms before he goes home. Elder White got a new English suit before he went home. The other three are just EXCITED to be going home. It is always a bittersweet experience for us. 
 Elder Grimaldi asked us to sign his flag. I wrote, "Come visit us in America but remember the fish." It is a joke with had with him. If you don't get it let me know and I can explain it to you. 
 Elder Sindylek is not going home but he had to get his photo taken with these elders that are going home.
 Sister B with the Zone Leaders. My favorite Mongolian is going to York 
 One more photo with our favorite Italian missionary.

Elder Rogers is getting transferred to Bradford. He is our St. George missionary.
 Elder Vinke our Aussie friend got transferred also.
 Elder Randall finally got his peanut-butter. He goes home next transfer.
 Is he happy or what?
Our new AP Elder Amundsen from Norway.

 This was impressive to me. Elder Isaksen's dad carried this bag on his mission and Elder Isaksen brought it with him. I love family traditions. His parents should be proud of him. 

Elder Donalson got transferred and goes home in six weeks. It is not happy but that is the life of a missionary. His twin brother serves in the Manchester Mission. 

Elder Isaksen is the only one packing the bus. I think he is ready to go home.

 Elder DeShazer and Elder Pope. Yes and people always comment on Elder Pope's name. 

Final goodbye. We will truly miss you Elder DeShazer. 

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