Wednesday, January 8, 2014


 We meet at Sheffield 2 for the coach to arrive to take the missionaries to Leeds. Everyone has their suitcases and is anxious to get going. Some are going home. Some are transferring to another area. Some are becoming new district leaders and new zone leaders. Whatever transferes bring it is always a new adventure. 
Both these Johannson and Elder Orr are getting transferred from Chesterfield. They are excited to start another leg of their mission.
 It is sad to break up Elder Li and Elder Lee. They worked good together.

 Elder Juran is going home after two years. He is saying his finally goodbyes. 
 Elder Thygerson is going to be a new district leader in Hull. This missionary is going somewhere. 
 Goodbyes are hard. These were our zone leaders. Well done Elder Krylborn and Elder Juran. 

 Elder Misselwitz is being transferred. It is hard to see our German Elder leave us. 

We finally got Elder Juran off the phone so the bus could leave for Leeds. 

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