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Obedience IS a Christlike Attribute and you can find it in PMG page 122

It is an act of faith. You may sometimes be required to do things you do not completely understand. As you obey, you increase in faith, knowledge, wisdom, testimony, protection and freedom.

In 1999 my oldest daughter was a senior in high school she decided to get a 2nd ear piercing. I was totally against it but she did it anyway. She was 18 years old and figured she could make up  her own mind for herself. There was no official church position on this subject at that time.Within a short time I learned to except and begin to think a second ear piercing was even cute and not so bad. I liked it so much that within three months after she got her 2nd ears pierced I did mine also. I got these cute little diamond stud earrings that accented my ears.

In October 2000  Pres. Hinckley said "We—the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve—have taken the position, and I quote, that “the Church discourages tattoos. It also discourages the piercing of the body for other than medical purposes, although it takes no position on the minimal piercing of the ears by women for one pair of earrings.”

I was devastated. Why had they not said something before now. I stewed about this for two weeks after conference but still cannot take out my second earring. Then one day my youngest son came in after school and said to me "mom are you going to obey the prophet and take out your second earring?"  That is all it took.I took out my second earrings and put it in my jewelry box. I never thought about them again.

6 And my people must needs be chastened until they learn obedience, if it must needs be, by the things which they suffer. (Doctrine and Covenants, Doctrine and Covenants, Section 105)

Another thing I learned about obedience. "Strive to be obedient to the Lord, the living prophet, and your mission president." I looked up strive in the dictionary and this is what strive means. 

1. to exert oneself vigorously;
 2. to make strenuous efforts toward any goal: to strive for success.

Do we exert ourselves vigorously to obey?  Do we make strenuous effort towards our goal to be obedient? 

3 And it came to pass that he was obedient unto the word of the Lord, wherefore he did as the Lord commanded him. (Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi, Chapter 2)

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